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Bird poop on your face never felt so good

Want to get bird poop smeared all over your face? Try this traditional Japanese facial treatment.


Smearing a layer of bird poop all over your face, in the name of beauty, dates back to 17th century Japan, when geisha and kabuki actors would use the technique to repair the damage done to their skin by their lead-based makeup.

But today, for $180, you can receive a one-hour bird poop facial treatment from Shizuka New York Day Spa, complete with a skin analysis, makeup removal, a special foaming cleanse, a green tea mask, and a facial massage.

"Nightingale droppings exfoliate the skin very well, because it has natural enzyme in it," said Shizuka Bernstein, the owner of the spa. "So the natural enzymes exfoliate the skin, and then guanine is in it too, which gives the skin glow like a pearl."

The manufacturer that Shizuka receives the nightingale droppings from collects the bird poop and then dries it into a powder. Shizuka mixes it with water and turns the droppings into a cream before applying it to their patients' faces.

Shizuka immigrated from Tokyo to the New York, and transitioned her career from a dance instructor to a day spa owner after marrying a dermatologist. Obviously she is on to something with the bird poop facial, as the spa has been open in its current location since 2005.


We tried the carbonated bubble mask on different skin types

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