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Turn 2-D pictures into 3-D memories with these cutting-edge spheres


Now you can literally hold your memories in a way like never before. Scandy, a 3-D scan to 3-D print service, offers a cutting-edge way to preserve your favorite panoramic pictures and turn them into physical mementos. The Scandy Sphere is a 360-degree panorama that you can hold in your hand. Customers can upload their panoramic and 360 degree, high resolution pictures to Scandy.co and Scandy's 3-D printers do the rest.

How it's made - 3D printed Scandy spheres

Scandy Co-Founder, Cole Wiley, is totally taking advantage of the new 360 photo and virtual reality technology that's readily available now. Consumers that have 360 cameras like the Galaxy Gear or Ricoh Theta can take their beautiful panoramas and have them mapped onto a sphere via the website. They then provide a high quality render preview of the sphere for approval before it's sent off to be printed and shipped to the customer within a week.

The spheres are made of gypsum powder and are offered in both a matte and glossy finish. They come in three sizes - small (3 inch), medium (4 inch) and large (5 inch).

Wiley mentioned that they've seen a trend in customers buying them as gifts for loved ones. Looks like this might replace the old fashioned process of ordering 2-D prints and buying frames to display them.

"They let you capture and come back to memories like nothing else. If you've had a shared experience with someone else, giving them a Scandy Sphere is a really cool way to come back to that shared experience."
Cole Wiley, Scandy Co-Founder

People are setting up 360 cameras to capture awesome moments like weddings, proposals, holiday dinners and vacations ... lots and lots of vacation shots.

Beautiful landscapes and busy city-scapes make for sweet looking Scandy Spheres.

"Some of the coolest ones I've seen have been adventurers and life experience people," Wiley said. Para-shooting, cave-diving and base-jumping junkies who document their travels with these 360 cameras, produce some of the best spheres. Parents are also busting out their 360 cameras during their kid's sporting events and parties.

Capture life's special moments in 360 with a Scandy Sphere

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"So our name's Scandy and people think that it's (Scandy Sphere) is candy. They are definitely not edible, so do not eat them," Wiley chuckled while talking about his popular product. As far as what's next for the spheres, he said he's got two major goals in mind.

Both ideas are already in the works in Scandyland. The first being a sphere perfect for the holiday season.

The second idea has to do with adding light to the sphere. "The Scandy Sphere is hollow so you can put a light inside and it becomes a really cool night light or desk ornament. So we're pretty interested to see what people are going to do with it once they have them in their hands - what clever things can be thought of once more of these are out in the world," Wiley said.

One thing's for sure, everyone loves memories and cleaver ways to encapsulate them.

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