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Sorry, Mario. These are the worst games you've ever been in


Mario is one of the the most recognizable carpenter/plumbers in the world, he's the hero of a series of critically-acclaimed games that have shot him to the top of the industry. However, in the several decades he's been around, a few not-so-great titles have sprung up. Here are some of the worst.

Yoshi's Story (1998) | Nintendo 64

This game is known as the spiritual successor of the incredibly popular Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. Featuring the lovable green dinosaur, the 1998 title follows the same format as its predecessors. It is a side-scrolling platformer where the player must make their way through a series of courses to beat the game. However, though many previous Mario games proved to be a challenge to complete, this did quite the opposite with an oversimplification of objectives and obstacles. Many critics and fans claim it was too easy to complete. There are a total of 24 courses in the entire game, but only 6 of them are necessary for the main story mode.

Mario is Missing! (1992) | PC, SNES

This is the first game to star Luigi as the main character. However, his debut performance is seen as incredibly lackluster. Since it was made for educational use, there's not much to expect from it in the first place. The repetitive game-play proves to be tedious, even for students at a young age. In the game, Bowser plots to steal artifacts from all around the world. Mario is eventually kidnapped and it is up to Luigi to thwart the evil plot. To do so, he must travel the world and answer a series of questions to get them back. And that's all.

Mario Bros. (1983) | Atari 2600 version only

The first game with the Mario Bros. label attached was a giant hit on the Nintendo Entertainment System. The Atari 2600 adaptation? It was not. The quality of that version was extremely downgraded. While the NES game featured detailed textures and colors (at the time, at least), it seemed Atari was unable to reproduce graphics at that level. The result was a blockier experience in comparison. And let's not even mention the scratchy, low-quality sound effects that rendered the game nearly unplayable.


Mario's Time Machine (1993) | MS-DOS, NES, SNES

This is another educational adaptation of Mario, this time attempting to teach human history. In this title, Mario operates a time-machine called the "Timulator" created to return stolen artifacts (again) to their proper time and place. Despite the game's simplistic purpose, many found the game too complex for young children to complete. The repetitive game-play also made for a less than exciting experience. At the end of the day, this title was found to be neither successfully educational nor entertaining.

Hotel Mario (1994) | Philips CD-i

This is not only considered to be one of the worst Mario adaptations ever, but also one of the worst video games of all time. In this game, Bowser has taken over the entire Mushroom Kingdom by turning it into a resort with multiple hotels. To get the kingdom back to normal, Mario and Luigi must go through each hotel and close all of its doors. One by one. Creatures in the game open the doors back up, and the player must re-visit them until they're all open at the same time. The only thing that changes between courses is the backdrop and certain enemies. If that isn't enough, the game also features poorly-animated cut-scenes with some laughable voice acting.

Overall, a series as large and expansive Mario is bound to have some hiccups. However, the legacy of the character and the lion's share of games remains largely unscathed.

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