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One of the stars of the Kattarshians

Meet 'the Kattarshians.' This reality show livestreams kittens all day, every day.


It's easy to get sucked into binge-watching a reality show. It's even easier when the reality show stars a family of adorable kittens.

Yes, a kitten reality show is actually something that exists. It's called "Keeping Up With the Kattarshians," and the formula for the show is simple. The kittens live in an oversized dollhouse in Iceland, furnished with tiny bunk beds and miniature bathtubs. Four hidden GoPro cameras capture the kittens' every move, and the footage is broadcast to viewers in a 24/7 livestream. Essentially, it's a much more entertaining version of the Kardashians.

The program premiered in February 2017 on NĂștĂ­minn, an Icelandic news and entertainment website, and proved to be an instant success with viewers. Created in partnership with The Icelandic Cat Protection Society, the livestream aims to raise awareness of Iceland's homeless cat population and to find permanent homes for the stars of the show. The kittens live in the house until they're old enough to be adopted. Once they move out, new kittens take their place.

Like any good reality show, the Kattarshians has its fair share of drama, making it quite the compelling watch. In one instance, the kittens joined together in a mission to destroy the wallpaper in the kitchen, taking turns at ripping it away from the wall. The kittens also frequently fall asleep in the bathtub, knock over the furniture, and get sudden bouts of energy in the middle of the night.

The show finds much of its success in the ease at which viewers fall in love with the tiny stars. Cat videos have a long and beloved history on the internet, and the live element of the Kattarshians takes it a step further. Being able to watch the kittens grow up certainly leads to some level of emotional attachment, and it's reasonable to feel as though the Kattarshians are actually your pets. The livestream pauses several times a day while volunteers clean the house and provide the kittens with human interaction, and for the most dedicated of viewers, these off-air moments seem to last for an eternity.

When the kittens eventually move out of the dollhouse, it's a bittersweet moment for fans. Finding loving homes for the kittens is the ultimate goal of the program, but it's always tough to say goodbye. When you're used to watching the kittens for hours on end, missing them is only natural. The Facebook page for the show provides updates on the adoption statuses of the kitties.

One of the former inhabitants of the house, Vanilla Kattarshian, continues to document her life as a reality star with an Instagram account.

A new group of five kittens and their mother moved into the house in mid-July, and they're already warming our hearts with their antics. As long as there are cats out there in need of homes, "Keeping Up With the Kattarshians" hopes to play a part in finding them families.

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