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All of the junk food quizzes you need to take to celebrate National Junk Food Day


It's National Junk Food Day! This is obviously one of the best holidays to celebrate, so take these junk food quizzes to get your appetite ready!

Tell us your pizza opinions, and we'll tell you why you're single!
Do you wish you had a special someone to celebrate with?
Take the quiz!

There are a ridiculous number of variables and difficult choices to be made in the realm of pizza. When you're in the mood for it, what kind of pie do you usually get? Thin crust? Deep dish? How about toppings? Are you more into veggies or meat? Is pineapple ever acceptable (always)? Anchovies? And once your pizza arrives, how do you eat it? Do you wipe the grease off with a napkin?

Let us know your pizza preferences, and in return, we'll give you the very reason why you don't currently have a significant other to eat pizza with.

This is the ultimate test of your pizza knowledge.
While we're on the topic of pizza, how much do you know?
Time to test your knowledge!

Pizza has all the components necessary for a perfect food.

But despite everyone's love for it, I'm willing to bet that most people are totally unaware of the long history of how pizza came to be. Every time you bite into a slice, you're eating in ignorance. Is that how you want to live the rest of your life? Probably not, so take this quiz to expand your pizza knowledge!

How good is your taste in dessert?
In the mood for something sweeter?
Let's begin!

Okay, the word "dessert" calls to mind something delicious, but let's face the truth. While a lot of desserts are perfect, some of them are flat-out gross.

In my life, I've met people who prefer cake-like brownies, people who don't like gingerbread, and people who won't eat chocolate. I'm here to tell you that all of these people are wrong. Because there are clear rights and wrongs when it comes to dessert. It's totally objective. Sorry. That's just how it is.

Take the quiz and find out how your taste buds stack up!

Now tell us your cheese preferences, and we'll reveal your celebrity soulmate.
Cheese is an important part of today's holiday.
Let's go!

A proper celebration of National Junk Food Day probably involves cheese in some way. Think of the options... mac and cheese, nachos, burgers, and more. And it's normal to have strong opinions on cheese. Some people, for example, don't like soft cheese. Others think that sliced American cheese has no business being called cheese at all.

Ready to share your own cheese preferences? Take this quiz! Based on things like your favorite type of cheese for your burger and your thoughts on string cheese, we'll match you up to your ideal celebrity soulmate.

Oh, and we know how many kids you'll have based on your choice of ice cream.
Seriously, we do.
Find out!

I have come up with some highly scientific methods of predicting the future. In this particular case, I've invented a way to determine exactly how many kids you'll have, and it's based on your choice of ice cream.

It's a simple process, really. I'll present you with two different images of ice cream. You'll pick one of them. Just go with your gut instinct and choose the ice cream that you'd rather eat. And at the end of the quiz, we'll reveal how many kids await you in your future. We can't give away our method, but we're certain that our predictions will come true.

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