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Quiz: Can you identify the Frank Ocean song from a single line?


Can you identify the Frank Ocean song from a single line?
Are you a true fan?
Take the quiz now!

I kind of assume that all Frank Ocean fans are obsessive about his music, because personally, I am extremely obsessive about his music. How can you not be? It's essential to listen closely to all of his lyrics. They're beautiful. Many of them bring tears to my eyes. Every single word that he sings on "Blonde" has purpose and meaning.

So if my assumption is correct, this quiz should be a breeze for any Frank Ocean fans. However, I also realize that misheard lyrics are a thing, so totally acing this quiz might not be quite as easy as one might think. RIP Pepsi, right?

And while you're at it, can you identify these Kendrick songs?
Only real Kendrick fans will ace this one.
Take the quiz!

Whether you scored high on the Frank Ocean quiz or fell short, it's time to put your song lyric knowledge to the test once again. This time, we're giving you a single line from a Kendrick Lamar song. Let's see how you do on this one.

And do you actually know the lyrics to "The Star-Spangled Banner"?
It's not as easy as you might think.
Let's begin!

If you've lived most of your life in the United States, I'm going to assume that you know at least the opening line to "The Star-Spangled Banner." If you took history class in our country, you might remember that it was written by Francis Scott Key. And if you're from Maryland like I am, you'll never forget that he wrote it in Baltimore.

However, no one ever told me that there are four stanzas in the poem. Somehow this was totally left out of my education. Did you know this? Does anyone actually know all of the lyrics? Take the quiz to test your knowledge!

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