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Metal Gear 30_2

The revolutionary stealth-game series 'Metal Gear' is now officially 30 years old


The "Metal Gear" series has brought some of the most influential video games to date. It is largely responsible for the popularity of the modern-day stealth games, including "Tenchu," "Thief," "Dishonored" and others.

The first "Metal Gear" was released in 1987 for the MSX2 computer-gaming system. It was the first game designed under Konami by Hideo Kojima, who has gone on to direct the rest of the games in the series and achieve legendary status. He said influences for this release include "The Great Escape" and "James Bond."

The series, as a whole, centers around a special forces operative (typically Solid Snake or Big Boss/Naked Snake) in a long battle to destroy various "Metal Gears" -- giant, walking tanks with nuclear capabilities. The game has introduced many elements that stand out from other titles, including cinematic cutscenes and consistent breaking of the "fourth wall." Even the signature "The Orange" cardboard box is notable to fans of the series. It's used to hide in multiple titles.

In the past 30 years, more than 20 titles have been released, although only about half are part of what is considered the "Metal Gear" canon. The gameplay of each title has adapted slowly over the years, from an overhead, 8-bit game to the most recent release of an open-world, third-person adventure. Interestingly, the timeline of the games do not follow parallel to the release of the titles. For example, the first game is set in 1995, "Metal Gear Solid 3" in 1964, "Metal Gear Solid 4" in 2014, and the most recent release in 1984.

The series has had multiple critically-acclaimed titles, starting with the first "Metal Gear Solid." Since then, many of the games have even gone to receive perfect scores from multiple sources, including Famitsu, IGN and Gamespot.

As of now, no special plans or announcements have been made to celebrate this anniversary by Konami. However, the next installment in the series is to be released in 2018 under the title "Metal Gear Survive." With Hideo Kojima's departure from Konami, this will be the first game in the series without the guidance of Kojima.

Game footage courtesy of Zephyr Mantis, TetraNinja, and TheInnocentSinful

Some old school video games are worth more than you think.

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