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Uber vs. Lyft: Circa Campus hits the streets



How did Uber and Lyft magically takeover?

The first ride share concept was started in 2002, but Uber and Lyft did not organize until 2011. Since their opening, Uber and Lyft have expanded to hundreds of cities and developed as the top ride share providers.

There are ways for app users to differentiate Uber and Lyft drivers. For example, Uber cars are recognized by a sign with a “U” displayed in their rear window on the passenger side of the car. Lyft cars are distinguished by a pink mustache on the car.

Where is Uber and Lyft offered?

Uber has taken over an estimated 540 global cities, while Lyft is estimated to be in 475 cities in the U.S., according to ridester.com. Both of these companies offer varying styles of travel ranging from the basic economy to large vehicles and luxury automobiles. These services also offer a discounted package where you can share your ride with someone. The bright side is if no one joins the ride then you still receive the discount of the carpool feature.

How much do rides cost?

Lyft allows for tips within their app and Uber has recently added this feature to their mobile application. The estimated average price per trip for Uber is $13.36 whereas Lyft is $12.53, according to ridester.com.

How do you become a driver?

Lyft offers an ambassador program so you can earn extra income by spreading the word about the company while Uber has not created such a program at this time.

Having a car is not a requirement for either company. Uber will back a lease to get a new car to help those with bad credit or in need of a car.

Lyft offers a similar service in that it has rental cars to use for Lyft. Both companies have instant pay features to cash out sooner than the normal weekly paycheck method. With every paycheck comes a small caveat as neither company classifies drivers as employees, drivers have to save money throughout the year to pay their taxes at the end of the year.

What’s your perception of the companies ... brand over quality?

The final comparison is in regards to company image, culture, and practices. Uber is the king of scandals lately with an employee quitting after documenting a culture of sexism within the company, losing $3 billion last year and former CEO Travis Kalanick and others on their leadership team recently resigning.

Uber also got caught trying to find blackmail information on a journalist. There is also very little known about how each company operates and their performances as businesses.

What is known is that Uber is at a rocky point in its history and Lyft has managed to steer clear of scandals.

The decision is up to you.

At the end of the day, these companies do not have major differences from one another but rather serve as interchangeable options for consumers in need of rides. The further decisive measure will be the person to person needs, city availability and ride share options.

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This article was a contribution from GenFKD and Circa Campus correspondent, Nicole Soto.

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