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A clip-on body cam for kids is being sold to 'capture childhood memories'


The world's first body camera - for kids!

There's a new body camera that's poised to hit the market this Christmas that is specifically designed to preserve childhood memories. The Benjamin Button wearable smart cam allows parents to record HD video hands-free, eliminating the need to constantly have their cell phone out in case of a cute moment. The relatively small camera can also be clipped onto the child in order to capture the world from their perspective.

The company designed the button-looking camera to be kid friendly, making it water and dust proof and virtually indestructible. There's also no actual buttons on it. The camera turns on and off based on light. Unlike the Go-Pro, there's no active WiFi, Bluetooth or EMR shielding in order to ensure privacy.

It allows for up to three hours of recording time and produces 1080/25 fps full HD video. What sets it apart from other wearable recording devices is the fact that the button automatically edits the day's footage based on recognition technologies.

"Based on sound recognition, face recognition and action recognition you will be automatically given only the best parts of the day that you have captured with Benjamin or, you can select the best moments after they have happened."

This relieves parents from having to go through footage and worry about video editing. Essentially it cuts together a highlight reel of the day automatically. "We have refined and fine-tuned an algorithm that has the highest probability of ‘detecting' the best moments in family life. Sound recognition with a moving threshold plays the major part. It will be further developed (by 2018) to recognize even emotion in voices. Face recognition of family members based on pictures taken by the Benjamin Button app or alerting when a stranger appears on the footage, is the second most important source for editing footage. The third is the motion detection – how the kids and parents are moving and playing. Also, this intelligent software can combine footage from different sources – not just the Benjamin Button camera, but also from smartphones or regular cameras (even stationery)," the website explained.

Although some parents will be thrilled to ensure they preserve these childhood memories by purchasing one of these $250 devices later this year, there's been some online backlash about the idea of wearable kid body cams. Some on social media think this new product is downright "creepy" and "invasive". Others have even compared it to an episode of "Black Mirror." As with most new products, especially ones that put children's privacy and surveillance in question, there will be a mixed bag of reviews. Some may say that this technology is just enabling "helicopter parents to record their kid's every move."

Benjamin Button is made by a young, conscientious company with its headquarters in Berlin, Germany and operations in Bratislava, Slovakia. They first introduced the product on Kickstarter and were able to raise over $52,000 after setting their goal at $25,000. Founder and father of two, Dominik Orfanus, started working on the original idea in June of 2014 and has been testing it out on his two daughters since the beginning.

One day before the Kickstarter campaign was set to end the company decided to cancel the funding. "We are not closing the project, but we want to change the product little bit, add/remove certain features and make it more relevant for parents. The campaign should be relaunched later this year again," Benjamin Button rep Michala Lipková told Circa.

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