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Saber Rock 4.jpg
Saber Rock 4.jpg

He saved our troops and now he needs your help to save him from the Taliban


He saved our troops and now he needs your help to save him from the Taliban

WATCH| The marines who served side by side with this interpreter known as Saber Rock are trying to save his life by bringing him back to the U.S.  After escaping the Taliban and moving to America to be safe, he returned in an effort to provide for his family here.

Saber Rock is known for his good spirits and enduring passion to serve despite horrific injuries from the attack he survived.  He still carries dozens of pieces of shrapnel in his body.

He needed to live in the U.S. for five years to apply for citizenship and get his security clearance.  Without it he was unable to support his family so he went back to work in Afghanistan where he is hunted.

He has two years left before he can get his security clearance.  But with a $300,000 bounty on his head many fear he doesn't have that much time to wait.


This is a picture from Saber Rock just this past week. 

The marines have started a collection to bring him home at GoFundMe/SaveSaberRock. They say all donations go directly to Saber Rock's bank account. 

Circa is also trying to help.  

One dollar of each purchase of the documentary by Circa Productions will go towards a charitable effort to provide Saber Rock with a job here in the United States inspiring others with his story, and to bring him home early.

Visit WatchSaberRock.com to download the documentary, watch his entire story, and help him come back to America.

SABER ROCK Official Trailer (2017)

WATCH| Here's a trailer of the documentary by Circa Productions, A Locastro Brothers Film.

Interpreting for our troops abroad is a dangerous job because it openly shows allegiance to the U.S. In doing so these people become the targets of insurgents and terror groups.  

When interpreters are targeted, their entire families are also at risk.  There are nonprofits like IRAP (International Refugees Assistance Project) and No One Left Behind that help interpreters come to America and adjust once here. 

Why does Saber Rock have to wait for a security clearance?

Having come here with a Special Immigration VISA, he has a green card and can stay in America.  However, he must be in America for 5 years before he can become a US citizen and subsequently get the security clearance he would need for an intelligence job.   

Saber Rock is serving the US Government overseas as a contractor so he is not losing his eligibility to become a US Citizen.  However, it will take him approximately 2 more years to hit the five year mark, become a citizen, and get his security clearance.  

The Marines he served with are trying to raise him enough money that he can come back to the safety of America.  Extra raised funds would help supplement any temporary jobs he could find while waiting to be eligible for better paying anti-terror employment in the U.S. 

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