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An artist is recreating all 403 of Bob Ross' paintings, one little happy tree at a time

An artist is recreating all 403 of Bob Ross' paintings, one little happy tree at a time


Updated November 09, 2018 02:58 PM EST

Editor's note: A version of this story was first published June 14, 2017. We're bringing it back today because, well, who doesn't love Bob Ross?

WASHINGTON (CIRCA) - Bob Ross is the legendary painting instructor from PBS' "The Joy of Painting." His iconic hair, smooth voice and method in painting landscapes caught the attention of American TV viewers during the 1980s and '90s. Twenty-two years after his death, his popularity continues to soar.

Nicole Bonneau, of New York, is one of those Ross fans. After visiting her in-laws for Christmas, she was amused when she saw her brother-in-law watching episodes on Netflix. They reminisced how they used to see the show as kids and how great Ross was.

That nostalgic moment blossomed into an idea for Bonneau -- recreating all 403 of Ross' paintings from "The Joy of Painting," one happy tree, almighty mountain and fluffy cloud at a time. She's documenting her process through her Instagram, @almightypainting.

We were there filming a live session of Bonneau painting season four, episode nine. 

"The Joy of Painting's" predecessor was "The Magic of Oil Painting" with Ross' mentor Bill Alexander. The two had a falling out and Ross' show was the one that took off. 

His legendary "status" is evident in several instances. Popular streaming service Twitch.tv hosted a marathon over a nine-day period in 2015, airing every episode; 5.6 million people streamed the event.

He's an unintended precursor figure in the ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) movement and there's even a biennial Bob Ross painting convention organized by Bob Ross Inc. 

Bob Ross' 'Wet on wet" painting technique

WATCH | Nicole Bonneau explains Bob Ross' "wet on wet" technique she utilizes in the paintings 

The Paintings of Bob Ross

Dozens of articles on the internet highlight some of the unknown facts behind Ross. This FiveThirtyEight article took a deep dive and listed how many trees, clouds, and mountains were painted through the entirety of his show. 

Miniature Bob Ross paintings have been created by Bonneau as well. Cards, anyone? 

Recreating the works of Bob Ross

WATCH | Nicole Bonneau describes the struggle she initially had when learning Ross' technique and style of painting.

"The Joy of Painting" can be seen on Netflix, Hulu, Twitch and YouTube

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