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The 10 states that will matter most this election


It's basically official at this point: It's Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton for the 2016 presidential election.

Which states will play the biggest role?


Colorado has a big Hispanic population. Trump has a history of saying inflammatory things about Hispanics.

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Trump crushed the Florida primary, winning all but one county. Plus, he has a home in Palm Beach. But new polls show him dead even with Clinton, and Florida has a history of close races (remember Bush/Gore?).


Clinton lost to Bernie Sanders in the primary here, and Trump's rhetoric might resonate with unemployed factory workers. Plus, Trump does well with white voters, which Michigan has in large numbers.


It's voted Democratic in the last 10 presidential elections. Seems like a lock, right? Well, Trump says his message will appeal to white voters hurt by the recession. But even he says this is a long shot.


Like Colorado, Nevada has a big Hispanic population, which could spell bad news for Trump.

North Carolina

Clinton was ahead in the polls here just a few months ago. But surveys at the end of May give Trump a lead. And experts say Trump will need to secure North Carolina to have a chance.


Depending on which poll you ask, either of these candidates are winning. But interestingly, one poll found that 36 percent of Ohioans thought things were so bad in the U.S., voters needed to "take a chance." Whatever - or whoever - that means.


It's almost dead even in this traditional swing state. Right now, experts say Trump's chances at winning depend on his ability to impress workers in industries like coal, who didn't benefit from the economy getting better.


Clinton has led Trump by a huge margin in every poll since August 2015. So why does Trump think he has a chance? Because Wisconsin also has a lot of manufacturing workers who've been hit hard by the economic downturn.


There are a lot of young voters in Virginia - that's bad news for Clinton. But there are also a lot of African-American and college-educated voters - that's bad news for Trump, polling-wise. Expect this one to be close.

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