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The nine-year-old male Bengal tiger, known as Laziz, released into an enclosure at the Lionsrock Big Cat Sanctuary in Bethlehem, South Africa, Thursday, Aug. 25, 2016, at his new home after being rescued from a Gaza zoo. A Bengal tiger was rescued from what activists have called "the worst zoo in the world", living in a small cage in Gaza alongside another tiger's stuffed corpse. (AP Photo/Themba Hadebe)

'Dissatisfied' zoo investors fed a live donkey to tigers as patrons watched


Definitely not a good day to take your kid to the zoo. 

A group of investors in a Chinese zoo threw a live donkey into a tiger pit for a live feeding, according to Agence France-Presse. The action provoked outrage on social media, prompting many to ask why and how the men could have done such a thing. 

The short answer? The investors were pissed. 

Due to an ongoing court case between the company that ran the zoo and a different company, the investors had not seen any profit from the zoo in around two years, making them, as the zoo put it on their official social media account, very "dissatisfied." 

Now normally one expresses dissatisfaction by exhaling sharply, or raising one's voice. These investors decided to go the "kill a live animal in front of a bunch of patrons of the business that we've invested in" route.

Interesting choice. 

Yeah. People online aren't thrilled at the news. 

Footage of the event has circulated online, but its authenticity has yet to be verified. It shows men wearing plastic ponchos pushing the donkey off the back of a truck into the moat of the tiger put. And then nature takes over. 

A tiger jumps into the water and onto the donkey's back, biting the animal's neck. A second tiger also joins in, swiping at the donkey from the edge of the moat. People watching the action are not having a good time. It takes 30 minutes for the jungle cats to finally kill their prey. 

"We're not allowed to sell it, and we cannot continue raising it," one investor told the Hongxing News. "We might as well feed it to the tigers."

Uh, okay. But maaaaaaybe not by throwing it into a moat to be eaten alive and in front of zoo-goers, buddy. 

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