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Eat This: Grasshopper croquettes and tacos, and black ant guacamole


Eat This: Grasshopper croquettes and tacos, and black ant guacamole

WATCH: The Black Ant in New York City serves up an array of insect-injected dishes.

Paco Hidalgo has eaten grasshoppers since he was a little kid. "So the thing with grasshoppers and insects overall in Mexico, there's a tradition to it because, in small towns and small villages it's just like an easy thing to raise and eat, it's got a lot of protein so it's really, really nutrient food to be eating," says Hidalgo, the chef de cuisine at The Black Ant in New York City. The restaurant puts a modern, East Village spin on traditional Mexican fare, but with dishes like the grasshopper croquettes and tacos, and black ant guacamole, they like to push the limits of what's to be expected.

And when it comes down to it, the grasshoppers and ants tasted good, albeit different.

"The taste of grasshoppers is also like savory but it also has like an acidic taste to it. It's got like the crunch and the way we dry it with the garlic and the chili it's kind of like you eating a peanut. It's kind of like savory and acidic and spicy. It's good," says Hidalgo.

Grasshopper croquettes

Black ant avocado

Why eating insects makes sense | The Economist

"I do think in the future our diet is going to be dependent on this kind of food because we're running out of other things and it is a really good base of nutrients and proteins. So yeah, I really think in the future we could be eating a lot of insects," says Hidalgo.

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