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A belligerent beachgoer was arrested after spewing anti-Muslim rhetoric at a family


A belligerent beachgoer was arrested after spewing anti-Muslim rhetoric at a family

Noria Alward's family reunion was temporarily ruined when a belligerent man harassed her family on a private hotel beach at South Padre Island, Texas last week. The man spewed anti-Muslim rhetoric and profanity while expressing his support for President Trump. 

Pearl South Padre Hotel Experience (story on the description below)

Noria recorded the whole ordeal and posted it to her YouTube page. "He was yelling so loud that my uncles and my brother came over from the water to see what was going on," she wrote in the description of the video. "The video here shows a glimpse of what we all had to experience."

In the video, a man donning a neon green top can be heard slurring his speech while shouting profanities and remarks about President Donald Trump.

Approximately 3 minutes into the video, the man begins to approach the family shouting "you will never ever, ever, stop me -- and my Christianity," then the man alludes to Sharia Law.

The man continued to say how ISIS meant nothing to him, along with other expletives before shouting "Donald Trump will stop you" in the face of one of the people standing with the family.

Noria said her family called South Padre Island Police after the man returned to harass them a second time. He started yelling out more racial slurs and before getting arrested. 

 "When we spoke to the hotel management, they said they couldn't do anything at the time because he is in police custody and that if they see him, they will evict him. They plainly told us that they can't do anything about it right now and that if he does this again he will be arrested. I don't understand what it takes for this hotel to take actions. Do they need someone to get hurt?"

I was surprised because I've never been in a situation like this, ever! I've experienced racism and islamophobia differently, but never like this.
Noria Alward

The Alward family reunion included numerous small children that witnessed the racially profiled hate. It was terrifying for them to say the least. 

The man was later identified as Alexander Downing of Waterford, Connecticut.

According to Buzzfeed the man was arrested sporting the same tank top and a few tears. 

The video and mugshot have garnered some major reactions on social media. 

Ahmed Alward, Noria's uncle, told us that they are sharing the video because they intend to press charges for indecent exposure in front of children. 

Overall, the family stated that they enjoyed their time in South Padre Island regardless of the hurtful experience on beach. "The way the hotel handled it wasn't fair. It isn't the Island to blame, nor the people, it's the hotel and the guy himself." 

Since the video went viral they've received lots of encouragement and support.

America is my country too! Everyone represent themselves ONLY, they DO NOT represent anyone else, nor do they represent any religion.
Noria Alward

"God bless America and thanks to all the people who messaged me and supported us," Noria said. 

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