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Meet the people behind those pooping unicorn ads that are a joy to watch


Meet the people behind those pooping unicorn ads that are a joy to watch

WATCH |  You know those pooping unicorn ads all over Facebook? A Utah-based social media ad agency is responsible for "the most viral ad in internet history" which has earned national headlines and 200 million hits and counting. 

Daniel Harmon is the creative director of Harmon Brothers advertising and the creative genius behind hilarious ads for companies like Squatty Potty, FiberFix, OraBrush, Poo Pourri, Purple and the list goes on. The company launched with the concept of making something crass into watchable class. 

"You can say almost anything you want if your actress has an accent and a fancy dress," an idea used by the Harmon Brothers. Daniel Harmon said the agency has its own “sensitivity points,” a threshold if you will. They know when to push the potty humor and when to walk away. "It’s a fine line,” Daniel Harmon said. The now famous "Poo Pourri" ads promoting a toilet spray are creative, using puns and innuendo.

“Our business is to make it smell like your business never even happened,” it said.

When you think of potty humor, you may not think of Provo, Utah, the most Mormon city in all the world. That’s what makes the idea of crass to class so much fun. “There is always more space for potty humor right?” This is a rhetorical question Daniel Harmon poses as he chatted with affiliate KATU. 

Once you have seen the commercial, the infamous pooping unicorn is probably embedded in your memory and you may never enjoy a soft-serve ice cream again. The mystical unicorn drops lines like, “This is where your ice cream comes from.” The Harmon Brothers became a household name in ad agencies across the country after their "Poo Pourri" campaign. 


The pooping unicorn came to be while the brothers brainstormed a way to sell the Squatty Potty, a stool, as the ad says, for “better stools.” 

The now viral idea of a pooping unicorn was originally poo-pooed by Squatty Potty investors. The idea was flushed because the company's board of directors felt like the concept was just too crazy and there was too much money on the line. The company shopped around for better ways to sell the stool for better bowel movements, but never found another idea as good.


“It's ironic to say we keep poop classy, but essentially that is what it is and what we are going for. Pushing the boundary and making it fit into normal every day talk,” Daniel Harmon said. With the ad now in the history books, it is easy for Harmon to say such a thing. Viral videos are not the real aim according to Harmon. “We only succeed if we are ultimately driving sales. It’s great if we can make a cool video, but if it doesn't lift your bottom line, then ultimately we failed,” he said.


This Utah business hasn't yet experienced failure. They’re now responsible for more than a dozen viral hits. “That's' the big secret we actually don't set out to make viral videos. We say let’s make it good enough it doesn't have to be viral.”

The Harmon Brothers have simply reinvented infomercials, making them watchable, shareable and relate-able.

Harmon Brothers are not all potty humor. They were behind this viral nativity video that brought together some of the biggest names in YouTube a couple years ago. The nativity video broke a Guinness world record, was shared 15 million times and spread a message of hope. 

This Unicorn Changed the Way I Poop - #SquattyPotty

Watch their next video that launched May 3rd, starring Camp Chef.

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