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This disabled gamer was bullied online. Now the internet is paying for his surgery


This disabled gamer was bullied online. Now the internet is paying for his surgery

WATCH | Adam Bahriz was kicked out of a game online because of the way he spoke. Now, the internet is paying for one of the surgeries he needs.

For Adam Bahriz, 17, it was just another day playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, an multi-player online game aficionados usually play with strangers from around the world. This time, however, things went south. The disabled high schooler who lives with HSAN, a rare genetic condition that limits his ability to feel pain, usually explains at the start of the game that because his teeth fell out, his voice sounds funny.  Usually, people say "ok" and move on.

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This is the explanation Bahriz usually writes or speaks at the beginning of games.

This time, what he got in response was:

"Dude, you know you're trolling" from one player.

"Stop, you're so annoying" from another.

And "you're muted already" from another, before he was kicked out of the match.

"The way they treated me in that game, over a condition that I have absolutely no control overabsolutely ridiculous," Bahriz told Circa.

He says he tried to not let it affect him too much and just moved on, but someone else on the internet caught wind of it.

Reddit user PDeeee heard about what happened on Twitch.tv, the live streaming video platform people use to stream their gameplay, and posted about it. He asked other Reddit users to "show him (Bahriz) some love."

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How did the internet show Bahriz love? They donated more than $30,000 to his Paypal account.

What's Bahriz going to do with the money? He can't get the $200,000 surgery to replace parts of his cheeks, jaw and nose that are now missing, but he can pay for the cornea transplant he so desperately needs.

Because of his condition, Bahriz would scratch his eyes a lot growing up but not feel the pain. He is now legally blind (and deaf).

"It's going to be difficult, but I'm going to try my best," Bahriz said. "I have an eye appointment next month."

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The San Diego native and high school senior says he might use what's left of the money to pay for college.

Bahriz said he was of the mentality that cyberbullying "wasn't a thing," but this has changed his perspective.

He says he hopes other people use this as a reminder to be nicer to everyone, especially people you don't know.

"I just hope people are a little but smarter when they talk to people," Bahriz said. "That is all."

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