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Joe Gagnon ran six marathons on six continents in six straight days for a noble cause


Joe Gagnon ran six marathons on six continents on six straight days for a noble cause

WATCH | Joe Gagnon just made the impossible possible. He ran six marathons on six consecutive days on six different continents. For Gagnon, this is just another step in his high-performance life.

The High Performance Life

"By applying techniques for mental toughness, creative problem-solving, leadership, and personal effectiveness, Joe Gagnon believes we are all capable of living The High Performance Life where body, mind, and soul come together for a fulfilled life."
The High Performance Life

This is the headline you see when you visit The High Performance Life.net.  It's a resource for people to gain encouragement and follow along with Gagnon on his extraordinary journey of living life to the fullest.

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'Dream it. Plan it. Practice it. Do it.'

Gagnon believes everyone is capable of anything they set their mind to, and he certainly leads by example. The idea is that by incorporating this simple motto -- "Dream it. Plan it. Practice it. Do it." -- it provides a structure for attaining goals and success.

Gagnon didn't start running regularly until he was 39 years old. He's now 56 and is stronger than ever before.  He started with a one-mile run and set achievable goals for himself to reach over a period of time.


Gagnon spent the majority of his life becoming a successful businessman and being a loving father, but "realized there was more to life." He set out on this six-continent journey to inspire people around the world.  

President of Penn Foster

Gagnon has held many positions throughout his career, from CEO of Exit41 -- a computer software company -- to vice president of IBM's Retail Industry. But the one that had the greatest impact on him was his time as president of Penn Foster, an online career school with over 150,000 students worldwide. Gagnon believes that education can change a person's economic opportunity, make them feel better about themselves, and allow them to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

CHIME IN and Project Bright Light

With this approach toward life, Gagnon became an advisory board member of the nonprofit organization CHIME IN earlier this year. CHIME IN stands for "The Change Is Me International." It's an international organization of youth ambassadors whose main objective is to create community-based projects that help reach the goals set forth by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG). 

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Here's Gagnon in Sydney, Australia, with supporters and CHIME IN Youth Ambassador Katie Gersekowski.  

Project Bright Light is a branch of CHIME IN that specifically raises money for the education of underprivileged children in developing countries. According to co-founder Kelly Sullivan Walden, it has been shown that when there is one educated child in a village, the entire community is more likely to prosper. Gagnon found inspiration through Project Bright Light, and raised money for the program during his six-continent challenge.

To help out, or to learn more, visit CHIME IN and Project Bright Light here.

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New Roads School

Gagnon ended his six-day journey at New Roads School in Santa Monica, California. He's been in close contact with the school's administration and told Circa he's excited about the possibilities in connecting the themes and practices of The High Performance Life to the ideas of human development that are instilled at New Roads.  

To learn more about this exciting and progressive educational program, visit New Roads.org.

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What's next for Joe?

Gagnon likes to look at this extraordinary feat as only the beginning, with more exciting challenges to come.  "My takeaway is that this was just a metaphor for life," he told Circa. "That all the things I care and hope about actually came true. And, that the miracle of life and the magic that's possible is just there ready to grasp whenever you want."

Gagnon plans to release a book later this year featuring his methodology of The High Performance Life.

Joe Gagnon ran six marathons on six continents on six straight days for a noble cause

Gagnon discusses what you can expect from his upcoming book release.

Joe Gagnon ran six marathons on six continents on six straight days for a noble cause

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