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Cockroach (AP photo) and PlayStation 4 (MGN)
Cockroach (AP photo) and PlayStation 4 (MGN)

Cockroaches love to live inside the PlayStation 4 more than any other console. Here's why.


The PlayStation 4 has been a huge hit for Sony. It sold 50 million copies by last December. And a good number of those are apparently infested with cockroaches.

Kotaku reports game console repair experts are seeing a spike in roaches being spotted in PS4s. Sony won't take them in for repairs, leading independent shops to clean up the mess. 

And that's not just gross news. It can ruin the console. 

So why do roaches prefer the PS4?

While roaches can get into any console (and often do), the PS4 is often particularly appealing.

  • For one, there are more of them than Xbox Ones or Nintendo Switches.
  • The PS4's vents are wider than the Xbox's. They're also at the bottom of the console, making for easy roach access.
  • The PS4 gets hotter than the Xbox One because of its internal power supply. Roaches love warmth. 
cockroach 2.jpg
FILE - In this Oct. 28, 2002 file photo, Science teacher Maria Palopoli, of Brunswick, Maine, winces as Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches cover her head. If lingerie is too intimate and dinner out is too expensive, the Bronx Zoo suggests another Valentine?s Day gift: a Madagascar hissing cockroach. Spokesman John Calvelli says, ?Nothing says forever like a cockroach.? The Wildlife Conservation Society runs the New York City zoo and is raising funds by offering the public the chance to name the huge roaches. In return for each name, it?s asking for a $10 donation. (AP Photo/Pat Wellenbach)

When the roaches get inside, they are often melted on the super-hot power supply, or they leave feces or eggs there. That leaves fried roach goo on the machine, which can stop the PS4 from turning on.

We kind of know right off the bat if there are poop stains on the vent of the fan. We assume it's bug-loaded.
Matt Zieminski, IFixit repairman

Some shops, like XCubicle in New York, charge a $25 "roach fee." Lately the shop has collected at least one roach fee a week.  

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