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The Greeks on campus are trying to take the black eye off of frats and sororities


The Greeks on campus are trying to take the black eye off of frats and sororities

WATCH |  Greek life on George Mason's campus in Fairfax, VA, is far from the usual stereotypes you see depicted about frats and sororities...Tell us your story.

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George Mason University is a diverse campus filled with many different students who come from all kinds of backgrounds and cultures, but there is one thing that can connect these students together: Greek life.  But, over the years frats and sororities have seen some bad press--from incidents involving hazing to sex assault lawsuits.

Tuft's University in Medford, MA, coordinated recruitment of Kappa Alpha Theta (Theta) and Alpha Omicron Pi (AOII) after the suspension of recruitment for all organizations since last year. During the week’s recruitment events, some students gathered to protest Greek life as an institution and promote alternative social spaces. This has been a growing concern on many campuses.  A lot of students feel left out and need social options. Many believe their identity and background prevent them from interacting with members of Greek life. 

George Mason Greeks, on the other hand, hope to change the controversial stereotypes through volunteering and philanthropic activities. "Going Greek" is notoriously seen as debauchery if you believe all the portrayals on television and in the movies.  It's the college experience everyone loves to hate.  But, millennial Greeks hope to change the stereotype for good.

The Greeks on campus are trying to take the black eye off of frats and sororities

More importantly college students are now making "Greek Week" a long celebration about volunteering and giving back. Fraternity and sorority life can be fun, and we found many students who love to do their part in the community.

Brian Bott, Pi Kappa Phi said: “I know a lot of fraternities on campus get this bad stigma of all we do is party, all we do is drink, we don’t care about anything in the community. But Greek week really brings everyone together. It’s a time where everyone comes together as one, no matter what fraternity or sorority you are. We always work together for the greater good.”

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The goal of "Greek Week" is to unite the Greek community under a common bond of fraternal friendship.  There are activities to help the community, to foster friendship and, of course, to have some fun along the way.

Rondene Grinam, GMU Faculty/Alpha Omicron Pi said,

“I think Greek Week is really important because it gives us a chance to really dive into what being in a sorority is all about and that’s philanthropy.”

During "Greek Week," Mason Greeks raised $4,500 toward Habitat for Humanity and over 30,000 pounds in food donations. Some of the events of the week included Shack building to represent homelessness, a day of service, faculty staff appreciation day, aquatics night and the highlight--"Greek Sing."

We don't just party. We don't do all the crazy things that people think we do. We actually give back.
Madison Lane, Alpha Omicron Pi

Millennial college students spend weeks preparing a skit showcasing their teams individual thme. The winning team of the "Greek Week" wins nothing, but claims bragging rights because all the proceeds go to a good cause. 

Tons of support came out during this Greek week.

People turned the campus into games and fun.

This is big for college campuses to change the Greek stereotype.

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