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Grace shooting Chibi.jpg
Grace shooting Chibi.jpg

This woman takes pictures of adorable animals and gets paid to do it


This woman takes pictures of adorable animals and gets paid to do it

WATCH | Meet Grace Chon. Grace has a really cool job. You might even say the happiest job on planet Earth. Try not to get jealous, now.

Grace is an animal photographer. She takes pictures of adorable animals and gets paid to do it. 

Sherman eating ice cream.jpg

Her technical job title is "Commercial animal photographer," which means she takes pictures of dogs and cats that get used by ad agencies, companies and magazines. 


Right now, Grace is also working on a book about smiling dogs. She scours social media looking for dogs who "smile" easily. She says no one can look at a smiling dog and not feel good. We agree. 

Grace shooting w toy.jpg

Grace started out studying to be  a pharmacist (mom pressure), then switched to a more creative vein as an art director. She said she started taking pictures of shelter dogs on the weekends to help them get adopted, and that kicked off this career. 

Grace Chon, Athena before

Grace has already had a photography series go viral. "Hairy" is a before-and-after photo series that shows dogs before they get groomed, and the end result. It exploded on social media in 2016...

Grace Chon, Athena after

...for obvious reasons. It's just about the darn cutest thing we've ever seen.

Grace smiling wider.jpg

Grace says it took a lot of hard work to establish herself as a successful commercial animal photographer, but there is no job more perfect for her. And her mom, who wanted her to be a pharmacist, now agrees. 

Now that you're green with envy, take a look at some of Grace's other (adorable) work. 

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