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Before and after photos of Trump tattoo via Sun Coast Tattoos in St. Pete, Florida. (Courtesy: @votetrump77)

Be honest, some tattoos have more meaning than others. Show us your political ink.


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Everyone contemplates getting a tattoo at one point in their life, but some actually go through with it. For the people who go political, they're really making a statement.  

Recently, over 100 women poured into a Minneapolis tattoo shop to support Elizabeth Warren by getting a tattoo of "Nevertheless, she persisted," referencing a phrase Rep. Sen. Mitch McConnell said about Warren after she was silenced for reading a letter by Coretta Scott King on the Senate floor.

The first step is deciding what to get.


Some tattoos have a deeper meaning than you think.  Here's a tattoo of a pinecone sent in.

To live in accordance with nature
Marcus Aurelius, Emperor of Rome

Marcus Aurelius  based this statement below on the philosophy of Stoicism, which focuses on humility, self-awareness, and service.  The pinecone plays on the word "nature" as it is more about accepting what fate has in store for you and then going from there.

Some people just need the right excuse.

These die-hard Clinton and Trump supporters got tattoos so you know their devotion is real

Watch | These die hard Trump and Hillary fans get tattoos so you know where they stand politically.

Some tattoos mean more than others.

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