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good bad robot.00_00_05_06.Still002.png
good bad robot.00_00_05_06.Still002.png

This is the difference between good robots and bad robots


There's parkour... and then there's subparkour

Watch any sci-fi film and you'll quickly learn this important lesson: there are good robots and there are bad robots. The good robots are there to help you (see WALL-E). The bad ones...are not (see basically every other movie with a robot, ever).

Drunk robots can't steal your jobs

And then there are drunk robots. The good thing about drunk robots is that they can't steal your job. The bad thing about drunk robots is that they will steal your booze.

Robot Fail

This robot starts out looking like one of the good ones, but then it embarrasses its handler in front of a huge crowd! That's a bad robot if ever we saw one. We can only imagine it's getting disciplined behind that screen.

Most robots fit squarely within the "good" camp or the "bad" one, but we can't come to a consensus on this robot. It's very bad at squirting ketchup, but very good at being bad at squirting ketchup. We'll just chalk this up as a success for humanity.

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