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Meet the man behind the anti-liberal street art that's shaking up Hollywood


The anonymous right leaning street artist known as SABO, sat down with Circa's Stephanie Abrams to unveil who he is, revealing everything but his name. His art can be abrasive with political insults and mock the most sensitive issues dividing races, religion and gender. 

He says he doesn't care if you like his art, but he does want to be understood. And, his views may surprise both those who embrace and are offended by his words and imagery. 

Meet the man behind the anti-liberal street art that's shaking up Hollywood

WARNING: Some of the images in this video can be offensive or disturbing. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 7.44.50 PM.png
Sabo points to the pictures and the meaning behind the words chosen for this art piece

While sharing the meaning behind the words in his art, SABO revealed the pictures behind the stencil of one of his most controversial pieces.  He says the inflammatory words used were actually overheard at an anti-Prop 8 rally.

SABO used to design mobile applications, blogs, and websites. He studied advertising at the Art Center in Pasadena. After working at a number of startups in advertising, he felt unfulfilled. When his father passed away, he lost his will to keep up with mainstream America and dedicated his life to political art expression.  It took almost a decade for him to make money, but says being free to express his views saved him. He says his Ted Cruz piece was the first to make money, "If you throw $30,000 on the bed you're like 'I remember scraping up quarters for hamburgers.'"

Here are some of his most notorious street art pieces.


This is the video SABO captured when the Secret Service came to his house to interview him about his anti-government tweets.

I feel I'm short, hard, fast, whatever. I took the name Sabot. I think I know my way around a f--king tank.
SABO, Unsavory Agents

The name SABO comes from his Marine experience.  "I was on an M60 tank in the marines.  I was the last of the M60 tankers. There are five primary rounds, one of them is the Sabot, and it's the shortest, fastest round." said SABO.

sign on street.jpg
Rogue Won sign on street (courtesy of Unsavory Agents)

Sabo's company name is Unsavory Agents. " UNSAVORY AGENTS, I got that name from when Clinton said, 'The CIA, we're not using unsavory agents to do the governments work.' I figured that's a pretty cool name. And, I held onto it ever since,"

SABO shares his latest work and thoughts on his Twitter account @unsavoryagents.  

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