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New motion-detection technology has innovated the way we play video games

New motion-detection technology has innovated the way we play video games

WATCH | Gaming is no longer just played with a standard controller. New technology has paved a more innovative path for an immersive player experience.

Companies like CaptoGlove are one of many that are utilizing motion gaming.

Their wireless, rechargeable gloves use Bluetooth to connect to PCs and mobile devices, and track hand and finger movements that map to different in-game controls.

This allows more realistic movements to be mirrored in gameplay, creating a more natural experience, particularly in virtual reality platforms.

They begin their Kickstarter campaign in March and aim to retail at $200 in the summer.

Tobii, a company that specializes in eye-tracking technology, has geared their devices toward gaming.

Their cameras are able to detect eye movement and translate that into multiple games, enabling the use of several features. For instance, in the game Dying Light, players can aim at targets just by looking at them. Displays that are normally always on screen become opaque when looking away, and fully visible again when looking up where they would be. 

Each game has different features that are fully adjustable.


A recent partnership with Alienware gives certain models built-in cameras, which also has usage for computer use outside of gaming. The actual eye-tracking device can be bought separately, however.

3dRudder's foot pedal also creates a unique experience.

By allowing the use of feet, not only do the pedals make movement more natural and fluid, but it also makes gaming more accessible to those with upper body disabilities. 

Like the eye-tracker, the foot pedal can be used outside of gaming, making the device even more practical from a broader standpoint. This, in itself, earned the company two awards at CES 2017, both for gaming innovation and accessibility.

Virtual reality platforms and motion-gaming consoles, like Nintendo's Switch, have risen drastically in the past year alone. With these on the rise, new controls that create more natural experiences are slowly, but surely becoming the standard of gaming.

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