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I got shocked by the Pavlok behavior-training wearable


I got shocked by the Pavlok behavior-training wearable

WATCH | Bad habits, be gone!

Afraid you won't keep that 2017 New Year's resolution you just declared? Maybe some smartphone-directed electroshock therapy could help.

Pavlok is a behavioral wearable that shocks your wrist each time you dip into the bad habit(s) you've programmed it to help you with. It's the perfect smart device for people who can't be left to their own devices.

Pavlok bottom

The Pavlok's back, or what I like to call its "stinger."

How does Pavlok work?

If you need help weening yourself off of Facebook, you can tell Pavlok to zap you when you go over your, say, 60-minute daily lurking limit. And for assistance with real-world vices, Pavlok accepts IFTTT.com recipes -- most importantly, GPS triggers. So, to knock out the junk food, for instance, you could tell Pavlok to zap you every time you walk into that McDonald's by your office.

Does it hurt a lot?

Pavlok can be set to the electroshock intensity of your choice; getting zapped at 20% felt like a small rubber band slapping my wrist, whereas getting hit with at 70% jolt was more like a micro tasering and caused my whole arm to jump.

If you have a low threshold for pain, you can choose to have the band vibrate as a kind of reminder to stay on mission, though you'd be missing out on the negative-association "brain training" that the uncomfortable shocks provide, the company says.

Pavlok app


New for 2017

Though Pavlok ($199) has been around for a couple of years, the latest advancement to its system is an accountability partner feature. It lets you give a (hopefully kind) person or persons access to shock you from their phone if they think you need an extra pop or two.

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