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The only thing more magical than these ice castles? Their creation process.


The only thing more magical than these ice castles? Their creation process.

WATCH |  These 25,000 majestic ice castle sculptures are crafted each year and are visited by thousands of tourists. They're your trip to the "ultimate" winter wonderland and a portal to the landscapes of Frozen. 

Ice Castles, LLC is a Utah based events company that creates the gigantic ice structures. Dozens of artisans work each day to lay down metal piping. They then spray water to create 20 ton icicles that form overnight. Each day the engineers replace 10,000 icicles a day. The final result is a 25,000 pound magical ice structure reaching 20-35 feet tall with walking caves, 10 feet thick walls and even ice slides. There are five locations in North America: Midway, Utah, Lincoln, New Hampshire, Stillwater, Minnesota, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin and Edmonton, Alberta.

The concept was created by Brent Christensen in 2008 of Alpine, Utah. He wanted to create an entertainment area for his kids, but his vision expanded beyond that. Soon after he opened the first "true" Ice Castle at Zermatt Resort in Utah. The popularity has increased over the year with additional Ice Castle locations across the continent and visitor numbers recorded in the hundreds of thousands.  

With the creation of massive ice palaces, this was bound to happen... 

Game of Thrones called, they want this to be their throne next season. 


An example of the lights which are placed throughout to illuminate the castles with changing colors. 

Photo credit AJ Mellor 

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