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Helia black

These smart bulbs fill your home with healthy 'sunlight,' could cure your insomnia


WATCH | A smart night-time light that's easy on your eyes but still looks white.

It's all about violet

Word is getting out: Blue light from gadget screens is damaging our sleep schedules. And that's why iPhone's blue-free Night Shift mode, which sucks out blue and tints the display an orange color, has been well-received. Companies have tried to bring the same idea to fluorescent/LED room lighting, but living in that orange is far less appetizing.

But! Light company Soraa is saving the idea of Night Shift for houses with its new blue-free home bulb -- one that manages to shine white. Its secret? Violet.

Helia Blue-Free

RGV, not RGB

Called the Helia, Soraa's new bulb is a consumer version of the RGV (Red Green Violet) lighting its been selling to professionals since the late 2000s. Unlike other color-changing smart bulbs made today, Soraa's expanded-spectrum bulbs include violet, which can replace blue and provide a night light that won't affect your sleep patterns and also won't appear as orange, the company says.


The Smart SNAP plugs into the Helia to give it more smarts.

It mimics the daily changes in real sunlight

Like actual sunshine, Helia does provide blue light, but mostly in the morning. To match the way real sunlight changes throughout a day, Helia brings more and more violet in to replace the blue as night approaches.

Helia's sunlight-mimicking features are not its only smarts. The bulbs can detect occupancy, meaning they'll turn off if no one is in the room. And all the lights in a home can speak to each other via your home's regular electricity lines -- no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth needed.

Helia bulb

The Helia bulb will run $49.

Price and availability

The Helia bulbs will cost $49 each when they're released this spring. Each room or group of Helia bulbs will need at least one Smart SNAP ($39) that plugs into the center of the bulb and detects things like ambient light and room occupancy and conveys the info to the bulbs it's grouped with. Soraa will also sell a cloud-connected add-on that will allow the bulbs to work with Amazon Echo, IFTTT and other network-based or IoT automation services.

Coming to  your iPhone or iPad?

As for the prospects of bringing its blue-free (and far less orange) light solution to replace your iPhone or iPad's Night Shift, Soraa says it's something it's considering.

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