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5 new Galaxy features coming with the S8. And 5 phones that already have them today.


5 new Galaxy features coming with the S8. And 5 phones that already have them today.

WATCH|  The rumors are swirling over the new features for the Galaxy S8, let's take a look inside. 

New ... but somewhat familiar

Reports about Samsung’s next big Galaxy phone, the rumored Galaxy S8, outline drastic changes for one of the world’s most popular smartphones.

But being new to Galaxy doesn't necessarily mean new to smartphones at large.

Here are five features reportedly coming to the Galaxy S7 successor that can be found today in other phones.

1. An "all-screen" front

Bloomberg has reported Samsung's so-called Galaxy S8 will have a "bezel-less display," meaning the front of the phone will be almost all screen. This will allow Samsung to shrink the size of the phone in-hand without dropping any of its viewable real estate.

Chinese phone maker Xiaomi released an Android phone in 2016 that matches this description. It's called the Mi Mix and has a 6.4-inch screen that covers 91.3 percent of the phone's frontside.

2. No more home button

The Galaxy S8 will not have the clicky home button that Samsung's phones have always been built with, sources also told Bloomberg. Instead, the next Galaxy will use "virtual buttons," which may either be under-glass capacitive touch buttons built into a very small chin below the display or on-screen buttons that appear right on the phone's display.

A lot of Android phones today use on-screen buttons, including models by LG, HTC, Sony, and Google's own Pixel.

3. A new voice assistant

The original creators of Siri this year announced a new AI creation called Viv, the basis for a more conversational/contextually aware digital assistant. Samsung purchased Viv in October and announced in November it will bring the tech to a new voice assistant for the next Galaxy.

Samsung didn't say what the new Viv-based assistant will be able to do (or whether it'll even be called Viv), but if you want a phone today with a digital assistant created by the makers of Siri, you can get an iPhone.

4. Fingerprint sensor on the back

The Galaxy S's fingerprint reader, like the iPhone's, has always been incorporated into its home button. With no home button on the device, Samsung will pop a dedicated print reader on the back of the phone, says a report from Korean website Navar, according to PhoneArena.com.

This wouldn't be a groundbreaking move, as several Android phones today sport rear fingerprint sensors, namely Google's Pixel.

5. A higher price tag

The S8 may have a higher-than-typical Galaxy selling price, Korea's ChoiceNews has reported. Rising "raw material prices" (and not added smartphone features or incurred losses from the failed Note 7) could balloon the S8's cost "15-20" percent, an analyst said. Thus its purchase price could see a comparable hike.

But even at that inflation, the S8 wouldn't be the most expensive smartphone today. That title would go to the Vertu line of luxury Android phones, which can easily climb above $20,000.

When is the S8 coming?

Samsung released its Galaxy S7 in March of last year. But various reports of delays -- possibly linked to Samsung's desire to thoroughly investigate why Galaxy Note 7 batteries had an exploding problem -- may keep Samsung from breaking out the S8 until this coming April.

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