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Apple TV
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Apple reportedly wants to bring movie theater flicks to your living room at $50 a pop


The movie theater comes to you

You may soon be able to skip that trip to the theater and enjoy newly released films at home on your Apple TV. Bloomberg reported Wednesday that Apple is working to get movie rentals in its iTunes store 14 days after their premieres - while they're still showing in theaters.

The deal would break down the typical 90-day exclusivity period that movie studios and movie theaters typically agree to.

How much for an iTunes theater movie rental?

These early in-home rentals will be "high-priced," Bloomberg reports, anywhere from $25 to $50, sources close to the negotiations have said.

The $50 rental price would match what Screening Room, a new service by former Facebook executive Sean Parker, is hoping to charge for the same kind of theater-movie-at-home rental. Screening Room has no such deals in place with movie studios yet.

Piracy problems

One hangup in early at-home rental negotiations, Bloomberg reports, is piracy.

Movie studios don't like their movies being copied and distributed illegally - especially while they're still in theaters gathering $15 a view. Even if Apple's security encoding can prevent its iTunes video files from being captured and duplicated, very little could be done to stop the old-fashioned point-the-camcorder-at-the-movie-and-make-copies kind of piracy from happening.

AMC Theaters
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Goodbye forever?

(Image: AMC Theaters)

At-home is easier, but is it better?

Those opposed to $9 sodas, sticky floors, and thinly cushioned folding seats may love the sound of Apple's plan. And if you're bringing the family to the movies, a $50 streaming rental is actually a bargain.

But don't forget that Apple's newest TV box doesn't offer crisp 4K video like most movie theaters do today. And no matter what kind of what version of DTS or Dolby sound your local theater is running, it's safe to say that you don't have anything like it in your living room.

When is this coming to my Apple TV?

We could see the beginnings of this shakeup to the movie market in as soon as a year and a half, Bloomberg reported. And though Apple and Screening Room are two of the only companies making noise in this sector, it makes sense to imagine that once that the age-old studio/theater agreement are breached, expect other digital content companies (Amazon, Google, etc) to want in on early at-home movie rentals, as well.

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