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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures while speaking at a rally Monday, Nov. 7, 2016 in Leesburg, Va. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Behind the scenes of Trump campaign headquarters on Election Day

Behind the scenes of Trump campaign headquarters on Election Day

WATCH | Go inside Trump Tower on Election Day and see what Ivanka Trump says it was like to vote for her father as a social liberal. 

Trump Tower is normally known for its opulence and business-like atmosphere. But on Tuesday afternoon, its fifth floor looked just like your normal, weary campaign shop after a grueling 18-month election cycle.

Campaign banners hung from the walls and frenzied volunteers rushed in and out of a war room, where aides coordinated last-minute TV interviews, monitored reports of problems at polling places, and looked for any hint of how voters might ultimately come down on judgment day.

Outside the Trump headquarters, a tense security shield lined Manhattan’s 5th Avenue with Secret Service agents, machine-gun-armed NYPD officers and bomb-sniffing dogs. An extra layer of protection was created by a wall of city sanitation dump trucks.

None of the surreal inside or outside environments seemed to have any affect on the GOP nominee’s eldest daughter, Ivanka, who told Circa she hoped her family’s relentless barnstorming of America had inspired many people like her to change their allegiance to the Republican Party. 

Look at some of the high security outside Trump Tower on Election Day.

Doing so would put her father into the White House.

“Look, I’m an independent and I’m voting for my father. I’m like many people in my generation. I’m more socially liberal and more fiscally conservative. But most importantly, I know what my father will do. I know he has the ability to execute on a big vision,” she said in an interview.

Trump himself left the headquarters midday to cast a vote for himself at a New York City precinct and made a few optimistic comments on TV.

He also authorized an emergency lawsuit to challenge what his campaign believed were irregularities at Nevada polling stations. A judge turned the request down.

Trump confided in close advisors that he was confident he had run the best campaign he could, a political novice and billionaire who vowed to shake Washington to its roots. To win the election, he was hoping for surprise wins in blue-collar states like Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania while holding Florida in the red column.

Ivanka Trump said she believed her father’s independence from political convention was a strength.

“He has something which is so rare he’s also totally unencumbered by the interests other than the American people. He’s beholden to no one other than us,” she said. “We have the opportunity for a leader to be in the Oval Office who does not have the donors, the special interests, the lobbyists influencing their viewpoint.”

Win or lose, Trump planned a festive party at a downtown Manhattan hotel Tuesday night, celebrating as only this unpredictable and independent-minded candidate knows how.

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