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'Doctor Strange' is the first superhero movie I've ever seen. Pro tip: See it in 3D.



When Circa wanted to send me to watch "Doctor Strange," I thought it was, well, a strange  choice.

I have only walked out of one movie in my lifetime, and that was "Iron Man" in high school. I don't remember how I ended up in the theater, but I left after maybe 20 minutes to go get ice cream. I was shocked to later learn that people enjoyed that movie.

From there, I never really attempted to see a superhero movie in full. Despite their widespread popularity, none of them ever interested me much. 

'Doctor Strange' has its own Twitter feed. Because of course it does.

Going in blind

When asked to write a story about "Doctor Strange," I admitted that I lacked any knowledge whatsoever about superheroes. And that somehow became the angle for the article.

I chose to go into the movie almost completely blind. I didn't watch a trailer or read any backstory about the character.

As someone totally new to superheroes, here are the scenes that stuck out to me -- and the mistakes that I made:

The scene that reminded me of "Inception"

As soon as the buildings began to shift, I whispered to my boyfriend, "Is this supposed to be like 'Inception'?"

I am nowhere near the first person to make this comparison, but the hallucinogenic and thought-provoking special effects in "Doctor Strange" are, of course, more than worthy of a mention. Even when I wasn't sure exactly what was going on (admittedly often), I was able to appreciate the on-screen visuals depicting alternate dimensions and energy fields.

Although the plot was not really my thing, I was able to enjoy how great the movie looked.

The scene I wished I had watched in 3D

Because I went into the movie blind, I didn't realize that it was something that should be watched in 3D. But it is. There actually wasn't a single scene that made me desire 3D -- they all did.

When I bought my tickets, the main draw to the theater I picked was its reclining seats. While they ended up exceeding my expectations, the goal was never to write a review of an NYC movie theater. So if you're thinking of seeing "Doctor Strange," make 3D a priority.

But if you can find both reclining seats and  3D, definitely do that, okay?

The scene where I realized he was not a superhero yet

I had heard of the term "origin story" in regards to superhero movies, but having not really explored the genre much, I assumed Doctor Strange was already a superhero when he first appeared on screen. So when I realized that the obvious car crash was coming, I wasn't too worried. Superheroes can easily walk away uninjured from car crashes, right?

But no, he was actually just a neurosurgeon with no powers and a suspiciously perfect name for an eventual superhero. 

The movie's credit even include a PSA telling the audience not to text and drive.

The scene that will forever stick with me

The day after seeing "Doctor Strange," I can't get one scene out of my mind. Yes, it's the one in which hands are growing out of his fingers. I'm not sure if this was meant to be the takeaway scene from the movie, but it was reassuring to learn on Reddit that I was not alone in my feelings about these disturbing visuals. 

One commenter wrote: "I think we hit peak acid trip in movies in 'Doctor Strange." Another referenced the iconic animations of Cyriak.

I'm not sure how constant finger-hands would have impacted the plot, but I'm curious.

The scenes I didn't see that will excite superhero fans

Apparently, there are two extra scenes, one during and one after the credits. No one told me about this Marvel tradition, so I left before either happened. I have not seen "Thor" or "The Avengers," so the extra scenes probably wouldn't have made much of an impact on me.

But Marvel fans might be excited: Thor makes an appearance and Strange promises to help him find his father, teasing that Strange will likely play a role in "Thor: Ragnarok," out in November 2017. 

Are you eager to see Doctor Strange on the big screen again in "Thor: Ragnarok"?

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