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Here are a few times daylight saving time screwed someone's day up


Here are a few times daylight saving time screwed someone's day up

Watch I Here are a couple of times Daylight Saving was a major inconvenience. 

Many people dread the two times a year we all have to change our clocks. These clock adjustments are known as daylight saving time.

Most mishaps caused by the practice are relatively minor, like sleeping through your alarm clock, or missing a flight at the airport.

But for a few unfortunate souls, daylight saving can cause significant mishaps.


Suicide Squad

In 1999, three terrorists were planning a car bombing in Israel. The bombs were planned to detonate at the same time, but in different locations. Things seemed to be going to plan, until the bombs detonated unexpectedly. 

The Jewish Press notes that the terrorists had switched to standard time, while the bombs were prepped to go off using daylight saving time. The three bombers were killed, without any additional casualties.


De'ja' Vu Got Arrested

Niles Gammons tried to do his best Doc Brown impression by traveling back in time and was arrested twice in the same day--at the same exact time.

According to the Huffington Post and the Urbana Daily Citizen, Gammons was arrested at 1:08 a.m. on Nov. 4, 2012 in Ohio for driving in the wrong direction on a one-way street.

He was taken to a police station, given citations for drunk driving, and was "released to an adult."


Exactly an hour later, and after daylight saving time had kicked in, Gammons was arrested for a second time, by the same officer.

This time, he was busted for nearly crashing his car into the police officer's cruiser.

While the scenario was not necessarily caused by daylight saving time, the seasonal ritual did create the unique situation that almost makes it seem as though Gammon traveled back in time. 


Night Walkers

According to a study conducted by the University of Colorado-Boulder, more pedestrians are struck and killed by vehicles than at any other point throughout the year.


The study claims that sleep deprivation is the main cause of this phenomenon. 

Doodie Calls

One way people (dog owners included) take advantage of the famous "fall back" notion is by gaining an extra hour of sleep.

But beware. Dogtime explains, "dogs have their own circadian rhythm...your pup might be confused. Most pooches get used to regular potty times throughout the day, so it will take some time before they can adjust to your new schedule". 


Basically, sleeping in might cause your dog to do its business in an unwanted area, like on that freshly cleaned carpet. 

Daylight saving time has been a hotly contested issue by many different parties. But just remember, whether you like it or not, you probably aren't suffering as much as some other people. 

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