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Meet the women behind the nudie mag Peach Fuzz, a 'shameless celebration of sex and art'


Meet the women behind the nudie mag Peach Fuzz, a 'shameless celebration of sex and art'

WATCH  | On a warm September afternoon, Kelly Dugan and Laura McNairy drove outside of Austin to photograph Chelsea Figureoa for <em>Peach Fuzz</em>  magazine. Figureoa stripped off her floral overalls and hopped into the lake at a state park. McNairy and Dugan followed, snapping away as she cheekily smiled.

Shameless celebration of sex and art.

Peach Fuzz  is a print-only nudie magazine based out of Austin, Texas. The pages are filled with photos of naked women (mostly) of all body shapes and article detailing often taboo subjects in explicit detail. It's definitely NSFW.  

Peach Fuzz Magazine

But it's also sexy, unapologetic, and just downright pretty.

“It was really cool to see this big movement of women in Austin actually being vocal. And being loud.”

Dugan said there were two driving forces to starting Peach Fuzz: Wendy Davis ,and an old collection of Playboys. In June 2013 Davis, a Democratic state senator, filibustered for 11 hours against a restrictive abortion law known as HB2. 

Kelly_Inspired by Kurt .png
“I was inspired because there were these total babes in a magazine with people like Hunter S. Thompson and Kurt Vonnegut writing for it.”

That same summer, Dugan came into a large collection of vintage Playboy magazines that featured un-photoshopped women and some of the (arguably) best writers of the era.  

peach fuzz mag was born .png
Peach Fuzz Magazine

Wanting to combine the empowerment behind Davis' filibuster with the aesthetic of throwback smut, she took the idea to McNairy and Peach Fuzz was born -- a sex and "body positive" nudie mag. 

Laura_Female Gaze.png
"We’re mostly female gaze."

Dugan and McNairy pride themselves on being a women-run magazine. They've only had two male photographers in 13 issues. The idea is not to shun men, but to shift away from the misogyny that often comes with sexual representation in society.

“How do you feel your babliest?”

They don't photoshop and they don't style the models, encouraging them to show up to photoshoots wearing and feeling however they want -- bush or no bush. 

“You have to be proactive in trying to make someone feel safe and like we want you to be a part of this.”

They haven't always gotten it right, though. Dugan was frank about catching flack in the beginning for not including a range of ethnically diverse and queer models. The oversight was not deliberate and they changed course.

Peach Fuzz regularly gets flagged for inappropriate content on Instagram, despite their best efforts to censor their images. 

Kelly policing bodies .png
“There is definitely some policing that goes on in regards to what bodies are ‘allowed’ to be naked, if you will.”

Dugan called out the hypocrisy of Instagram's nudity policy which allows conventionally beautiful people to show a breast with minor censoring, while a covered woman with apparent pubic hair will get flagged. 

Laura Pro Babe.png
"We’re just very pro-babe."

Dugan and McNairy are trying to shake up conventionalism. By showcasing people with a range body types, ethnicities, sexual identities and body hair, they hope to highlight just how sexy those many differences can be. 

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