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Meet Rob Greenfield. He wore all the trash he made for a month.

Meet Rob Greenfield. He wore all the trash he made for a month.

Rob Greenfield, an environmental activist is taking trash-y to a whole new level.  He collected every single piece of trash he created and wore his trash for 30 days. 

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The average American creates about four and a half pounds of trash a day, which would add up to 135 pounds of trash by day 30, however at the end, he only created 84 pounds of trash, which is a third less than the average person.

My main focus is trying to educate and inspire people to make less trash
Rob Greenfield- Environmental Activist

He lived like an average American, eating, shopping, walking down the street, riding the subway and doing all the normal activities all while he was wearing his trash. He said: "Some people have zero idea. For them, once they toss something, it's totally out of sight, out of mind. They don't get the serious environmental problems it causes." 

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Greenfield came up with the Trash Me project two years ago. The "Trash Suit" was designed by Nancy Judd of Recycle Runway, who makes fashion out of trash.  

It took Judd 125 hours to make the suit, which has various pockets that are designed to be able to hold and distribute weight from the trash. 

Greenfield realized that every single action in life was extremely challenging and  carrying 84 pounds of trash was very difficult. Greenfield said by day 30 he was ready to be done but was proud of himself for making it the end.


Before Greenfield had begun the Trash Me project, he had lived in a 50 square foot house in San Diego, California, surviving just on rain water and using solar panels for electricity, to get people thinking about the basics in life. He also cycled across the U.S. twice on a bamboo bicycle to raise awareness about sustainable living. Through his actions, he hopes to inspire people to change their actions and realize how their daily actions affect the world around them. 

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