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Spend 5 slow minutes with Wilber the Sloth for a truly happy International Sloth Day

Spend 5 slow minutes with Wilber the Sloth for a truly happy International Sloth Day

It's International Sloth Day! What better way to celebrate than to experience the "Sleepy Sloth Tour" at the Palm Beach Zoo. Here's what I learned about these adorable creatures who are now officially my spirit animal.

WATCH  | The english word sloth  literally means "laziness." They were named after the cardinal sin because they seem slow at first glance.

However, their usual idleness is due to metabolic adaptations for conserving energy.

Sloths just want to hang out, literally -- they spend almost their entire lives upside down. 

5x faster snail.gif

Sloths are the slowest land mammals, traveling at a top speed of 1.2 MPH (but that's only when they are in immediate danger). Otherwise, they're in no rush.

A sloth's diet consists mainly of leaves but occasionally they go for insects and rodents.

Pygmy three-toed sloth swimming HD

WATCH  | Fun fact: Sloths are incredible swimmers! They use a doggy paddle/idle float technique, and actually swim better than they can walk.

cure for cancer.gif

As if their cuteness and awesome personalities weren't enough, now researchers are claiming that the fungi found in sloth fur may be the key to curing some cancers and diseases. 

Could they get any cooler?


Best day ever! Taking a #slothie has officially been checked off my bucket list.

Wilbur and I are wishing everyone a Happy International Sloth Day!

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