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An angry Trump Twitter bot has launched its own '16 campaign – to raise money for women


There is another choice in 2016

An impressively accurate Donald Trump-modeled Twitter bot launched its own presidential election campaign last week -- and it's asking for your donations.

But, though the tweets of @realDonaldTrump and the algorithmic @DeepDrumpf contain eerily similar content, the bot's 2016 political run isn't to raise money to stump across the country against Hillary; it's to raise awareness of the power of artificial intelligence and to garner funds for women-in-tech charities.

It's an angry Trump Twitter bot -- for good!

A project for science, not political statement

Brad Hayes, a researcher at MIT, told Newsweek that he didn't create the eight-month-old @DeepDrumpf for political statement, but he explains on his site that the bot is "showcasing the consequences of training a machine learning model on a dataset that embodies fearmongering, bigotry, xenophobia and hypernationalism."

DeepDrumpf2016.com donations, Hayes said, make good out of the popularity of @DeepDrumpf's auto-mockery of Trump.

Many have commented that its output is 'plausible' or 'indistinguishable' from the real thing ... I think that should be somewhat concerning.
@DeepDrumpf creator Brad Hayes told Newsweek

"No one respects women more than I do"

To compete with Trump's own superlative statements about respecting women, DeepDrumpf is handing over all of the "campaign" fundraising coming in through its site to GirlsWhoCode, an advocate organization devoted to getting young women more involved in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields.

How do you get an algorithm to sound like Trump?

The @DeepDrumpf Twitter account -- dually inspired by John Oliver and Google's DeepDream computer vision software, it seems -- learned to quip like Trump by absorbing transcripts of the Republican candidate's speeches and debate remarks.

This is why its tweets, though often residing on the edge of coherence, are never too far off from things The Donald himself has actually said.

The target phrases that direct each post are shown in brackets at the front of the tweets.

So, how many people do we think are going to write in @DeepDrumpf on Nov. 8?


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