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You might think Trump is a clown, but Brazil elected an actual clown for Congress


You might think Trump is a clown, but Brazil elected an actual clown for Congress

Watch |  Think this election season is crazy?  Think again.

Everyone from political pundits to historians and your grandmother on Facebook is talking about how "crazy" and "unprecedented" the 2016 election is. Admittedly it IS pretty crazy, but there have been way wackier elections around the world in the past. 

A Chicago mayor debated rats, literally

When William Hale Thompson ran for mayoral re-election in Chicago in 1927, his campaign was dogged by rumors of corruption (like all campaigns are). So he invited the city to watch him debate two rats in a cage. He used the rats as strawmen to brush off his mistakes and the people loved the gag so much they re-elected him. 

President Ulysses S. Grant. Photo: Brady-Handy Photograph Collection (Library of Congress)

Ulysses S. Grant won re-election after his opponent died

Just 24 days after the 1872 election, Grant's opponent, Horace Greeley, died. Fortunately, Grant already had over 50 percent of the electoral college vote, but he ended up winning against a dead guy.

Abraham Lincoln's election basically started the Civil War

In the 1860 election cycle, the pro-slavery Democrats put forward two candidates, one from the north and one from the south. The two split the pro-slavery vote and Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, won every free state and the popular vote. The south was so pissed that seven states left the Union and the Civil War began. 

Brazilians elected a clown, for real

In 2010, Brazil elected an actual clown to its Congress. Actor, musician and clown Francisco Everardo Oliveira Silva ran for congress in Sao Palo, but not as himself. He ran as his clown persona "Tiririca."

With slogans like "It can't get any worse," he ended up winning the most votes of any candidate in the entire election. 

If you had to vote for Donald Trump or a clown, who would be the next president?

Foot powder for a hygienic city and future

A foot powder company ran a twisted advertising campaign in Ecuador and ended up winning a mayoral election in 1967. Rather than choose from a list of unworthy candidates, 4,000 people in Picoaza, Ecuador wrote in Pulvapies anti-chafing foot powder on the mayoral ballot. Pulvapies had run advertisement claiming it would bring hygiene and well-being to the town. 

Americans don't vote

We may not have the craziest elections, or even the most corrupt, but the U.S. has very low voter turnout. According to a study from the Pew Research Center, the U.S. ranks 31st out of the top 35 developed countries when it comes to the number of eligible voters that go to the polls. 

That could be because voting isn't compulsory in the U.S. like it is in Argentina, Belgium, Australia and many other countries. 

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