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'The Backyard Scientist' is like Bill Nye, MythBusters and Jackass all rolled into one


'The Backyard Scientist' is like Bill Nye, MythBusters and Jackass all rolled into one

WATCH  | Kevin Kohler, aka 'The Backyard Scientist' on his YouTube channel has been described as a budget Bill Nye and a modern day "Anarchist's Cookbook. "This chemistry lovin' Florida native has a large YouTube fanbase and he gets paid to make videos.

GoPro reached out to me, sent me a bunch of cameras and said 'Go make something cool.'
The Backyard Scientist

Kevin recently decided to take a break from college so he could focus on producing content for his two million subscribers. It's now become his full-time job to plan, shoot and edit outrageous experiments. 

He's even partnered with GoPro to make videos for their social channels. 


Kevin's passion is science -- mad science, if you will -- but his hobby is filmmaking. His videos feature multi-camera setups, and he strategically places GoPros all over his backyard to never miss an angle. 

golf ball2.gif

Kevin rents high-speed Phantom cameras that allows him to show his audience what it looks like when unstable elements come together at 7000 frames per second. 

Pool full of Orbeez Experiments!

WATCH  | Fans really get a kick out of Kevin's pool experiments. One project was his pool filled with Orbeez and took months of planning. He spent $1400 to import 25 million water balls from China so he could have 1,600 pounds of the Sodium Polyacrylate based hydro toys. 

The disposal alone cost him $800.

...except for the time I got second-degree burns from a balloon filled with propane gas.
The Backyard Scientist

Messing around with chemicals can be dangerous.  Fans have expressed their concerns over his safety but luckily Kevin's had no major injuries.

Pouring Liquid Nitrogen in a Pool - (I set my pool on fire!!)

WATCH  | Kevin admits that his parents haven't always been thrilled with his use of their backyard, especially the crazy experiments he likes to try that involve the pool. Like that one time he poured liquid nitrogen, diethyl ether and dry ice into the water. 

A few people have recognized me. My fan base is mostly teenage kids who love science as well.
Kevin Kohler

What a cool job! The Backyard Scientist gets to showcase his passion for chemistry and express that in his well-produced videos. He told us that he's been recognized while out and about in Sarasota.

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