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Terranea Falconry, Joe Roy III resident falconer at California resort

Meet the guy who flies falcons at a California resort so seagulls won't poop on tourists


Meet the guy who flies falcons at a California resort so seagulls won't poop on tourists

At Terranea, a gorgeous resort in Palos Verdes, California, you don't have to worry about seagulls ruining your pool day. Or stealing your food. Or bothering you in any way.

Thank Joe Roy III and his team of amazing birds of prey, for that. 

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But don't worry, they're not hunting the seagulls. The mere presence of these birds is enough to scare the seagulls away. One sighting of a hawk or falcon, and the seagulls high tail it far away from Terranea. 

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I mean....I would stay far away from those formidable talons, too. 

Joe has a team that includes hawks, falcons, and even a Gyrfalcon - one of the fastest birds in the world.  

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They all take turns soaring the skies around the resort, and at night, return home with Joe. He says he's built very deep emotional bonds with his birds, having raised all of them since infancy.  And the birds feel the love, too. 

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 One of the falcons chirps and calls out for Joe during our shoot (aww!). 

Joe says the birds can choose not to return, if they want. But it's their bond that makes them return to him over and over.

Until you've trained something as free spirited as a hawk or a falcon, and have them willingly come back, words alone can't describe that feeling
Joe Roy III
Hawk land on Joe, Terranea.gif

This is so cool it gives me chills. 

Check out Terranea's website. If you're in the SoCal area, it's so worth a visit (hello, gorgeous). 

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