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This young preacher uses Snapchat to deliver mini sermons


This young preacher uses Snapchat to deliver mini sermons

WATCH | This young preacher delivers mini Snapchat sermons 

Who is this Snapchat preacher?

Rashawn Copeland is a 29-year-old preacher from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He uses social media apps, like Twitter and Instagram, to deliver daily inspirational messages to anyone who will listen.

His profiles have more than 230,000 followers. 

His Snapchat sermons get anywhere from 4,000 to 6,000 views.

He uploads his preachings to Snapchat and then shares them across his various platforms.

Why did he start Snap-sermons?

"I would literally just do messages online and then people on Twitter would be like, man that's an awesome sermon," he said. "I knew that I could use it as a tool to draw people closer to God."

Just 27 percent of millennials said they attend religious services on a weekly basis, making them less religious than Baby Boomers (38 percent) and members of the Silent and Greatest generations (51 percent each), according to Pew Research Center.

However, more than 50 percent of millennials still identify as spiritual.

When did he start preaching online?

Copeland's Snapchat sermons date as far back as 2015, but he had a passion for spreading the good word online long before then.

"My videos on Facebook were being successful so I said why don't I just use this platform to encourage somebody."

Copeland said he's found his purpose in spiritual posts and that the feedback inspires him to keep doing them.

Users regularly tweet at Copeland, thanking him for his sermons.

Why are his Snapchat sermons so successful?

From what we know, there's no one else doing this type of preaching at this scale. So, what makes his Snapchat sermons so successful? Well, it could be that these sermons have what young adults are looking for when it comes to religious services.

According to a recent study, these are the top 3 things millennials are looking for in a church:

  • Authentic
  • Incorporates visual messaging
  • Is all about Jesus

Could this be the bridge that brings millennials back to the pews?

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