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This bishop is challenging the notion that Democrats are good for black Americans


This bishop is challenging the notion that Democrats are good for black Americans

WATCH  | Evangelical pastor Aubrey Shines' gospel of God and conservatism. 

Evangelical Bishop Aubrey Shines' gospel of God and conservatism at Tampa's Glory to Glory Church is a message of why the Democratic Party isn't good for black Americans.

To expand the reach of his sermons, Shines has produced a provocative 4-minute video of his version of history. The video uses quotes from people who influenced Clinton and the Democratic Party. Shines is leveraging pastors, social media and word of mouth to create conservative converts.

She belongs to is the party that gave this country slavery, the KKK, Jim Crow laws
Narrator of Shines' video

In one part, the narrator makes a direct pitch to minority voters by saying, "How can Americans, especially Blacks and Latinos in America, support Hillary Clinton when the party that she belongs to is the party that gave this country slavery, the KKK, Jim Crow laws, Roe v. Wade."

His message could be considered blasphemy in some circles, especially the black community. 

Video is designed to educate

Despite the taboo nature of the video, Shines hopes that by directly engaging with the uncomfortable past of the Democratic Party, he can show others that a Clinton presidency won't protect black America.

"We created videos and create videos just as a platform to be able to say to those that perhaps don't have the information," said Shines, a pastor who now also serves as a bishop in the International Communion of Evangelical Churches.. "And as a result, they are able to make informed decisions."

Shines says his message is working

Jerry Norton, a member of Shines' Glory to Glory Church, converted from a liberal to a conservative under Shines' tutelage.

"I was a Democrat. I guess I could say I was a part of the status quo," Norton said. "The truth and the word of God says once you know the truth it will set you free."  

some of them would laugh [at the video].
John Bullock

Not everyone agrees

We showed Shines' video to political science professor John Bullock, Democratic nominee for the Baltimore City Council (in the area of the city where Freddie Gray died). When asked how his constituents would react if he showed them the video, Bullock told us, "Some of them would laugh."

A cherry picked version of Democratic history

Bullock claims that Shines left out a lot in his presentation. "If you have the whole context of history and the things that are mentioned where they actually missed pieces then you would not be persuaded at all," Bullock said.

The professor pointed to the racist past of the Democratic Party as an example.

"Yes, that was the party of the south and as I mentioned over time those parties have actually shifted in terms of what their membership base is."

This bishop is challenging the notion that Democrats are good for black Americans


Pastor Shines mentions that the Democratic Party started the KKK and wrote Jim Crow laws, so we thought it would be helpful to verify some of his claims.

The Democratic Party and the KKK

The KKK was started in Tennessee after the Civil War by members of the Democratic Party, but it wasn't started by the party itself. Politifact, a fact-checking website, has previously tackled this issue and determined it was false to say that the Democratic Party founded the KKK. 

The Democratic Party wrote Jim Crow laws

After the Civil War, the Democratic Party was made up of wealthy slave owners-- well, former slave owners. Those Democratic aristocrats implemented the racist Jim Crow laws that used legislation to mandate segregation and prevented blacks from voting. 


Planned Parenthood was started by a eugenicist

Margaret Sanger founded the organization that would become Planned Parenthood in 1916 when she opened a birth control clinic in Brooklyn, New York. 

We do not want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.
Margaret Sanger

Shines video quotes Sanger as writing, "We do not want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population."

Politifact took a look at this claim as well. Sanger did write it but the larger context has been removed, so they gave the claim that Sanger wanted to kill blacks "a pants on fire rating"-- their rating for facts that are egregiously wrong. 

Shines is focused on the old Democratic Party

Bullock stressed that the Democratic Party transformed itself and cemented the votes of black Americans after President Lyndon Johnson ushered through the Civil Rights Act in 1964.

But to Shines, you can't erase the history of the Democratic Party, and he sees that history as important to understanding the party today.

"I think these are the pivotal individuals," Shines said. "I think the history of who these people are personify what a party is all about."

Shine's heavy lift

A recent CBS poll found that Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by 73 percent with African-American voters. With a gap that large, it might take more than a video to sway African-American voters. But Shines says people are hungry for a different way of thinking.

"Even in these few short days, individuals that saw it... say wait a minute, I can't be identified with a party that gave us all these atrocities in our land. I think America can do better," Shines said. 

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