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The FBI vault shares its secrets with you. Even what happened to Biggie.


The FBI vault shares its secrets with you. Even what happened to Biggie.

WATCH: What secrets the FBI vault contains

The FBI files for Steve Jobs, extraterrestrials, Al Capone and Notorious B.I.G. are all for public consumption at the FBI's vault website.

Whenever you want, you can go online to Vault.FBI.Gov and search 6,700 FBI documents. You can explore the 1947 memo about flying saucers in New Mexico (note they are based on heresy). Or you can view the FBI's investigation into the death of rapper Biggie Smalls, cause as we all know Biggie Smalls is the illest. 

But, it's not all a blast from the past. The vault also contains the FBI's investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email use. We checked, there aren't any Donald Trump specific files in the vault-- at least not yet. The FBI does not release personal files until after a person has died without written permission from the person in question.

The FBI was kind enough to include a search feature that allows for users to search for specific people or events, as a way to make it easier to sort through the thousands of files.

But you can check out their file on Joan Rivers.

So while we wait to see if the FBI has anything on Trump, you can busy yourself checking out how they surveilled Martin Luther King, Jr. and tracked Marilyn Monroe's whereabouts.

The FBI says the site was designed to make the bureau more transparent.

Many of the documents contained in the vault have previously been released through freedom of information request or by the FBI voluntarily, but they continually are adding new documents. 

So next time you want to check out government conspiracies, or who made J. Edgar Hoover's enemies list, or just prove a friend wrong, remember you can go to vault.FBI.gov.

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