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'Biohacking' helped this guy develop an implant-activated smart gun


'Biohacking' helped this guy develop an implant-activated smart gun

Amal Graafstra is the founder and CEO of Dangerous Things, a biohacking company based out of Mount Vernon, Washington. He developed the first ever implant-activated smart gun out of his garage. 



Biohacking is described as human augmentation through implanting devices. Human microchip implants also known as RFID implants are 2 mm by 12 mm cylindrical tags which equate to the size of a grain of rice. 

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Once the implants are installed, users are able to use them for everything from unlocking doors and phones to logging onto a computer. Biohacked subjects can even unlock vehicles, all at the wave of the hand. 


Graafstra's interest in biohacking began in 2005 when he was looking for easier access to his office. Currently, he has four implants all which serve a variety of purposes, ranging from opening doors to sharing contact information. 

Currently, over 1,000 people have implanted chips, which are typically implanted in the webbing between the thumb and index finger. This procedure can be done by a professional body piercer using a piercing needle. Once installed, the device is fairly resilient. While there is always a risk with any procedure involving the body, if done properly by a professional the risk for any infection is quite low. Don't worry about getting tracked, since the device is so tiny, the operational range is very short... making it difficult for anyone to track the whereabouts of a person implanted. 

Would you implant a RFID chip in your hand?

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