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YouTube stars Diamond and Silk tell you why they think Trump is better than Hillary


YouTube stars Diamond and Silk tell you why they think Trump is better than Hillary

WATCH  |  Diamond and Silk talk about supporting Donald Trump

'A lot of closeted black people'

Poll after poll shows that Donald Trump's support among minorities is low. An Economist/YouGov <b>poll</b> shows Trump only receiving 11 percent of the black vote.

But Diamond and Silk, two sisters from North Carolina, think the polls don't tell the real story.

"He was at 26 percent," Diamond told Circa via Skype. "Now all of sudden you want to say his polls, his numbers are low. I don't believe that. There are a lot of closeted black people that are supporting Donald J Trump." 


After Trump declared his run for president, Diamond and Silk took to YouTube to promote the now GOP nominee on their web show, "The Viewers View." In a little over a year, the sisters have amassed millions of views, and now appear at rallies.

So that's how we started speaking we showed up. And when you show up, baby, then you speak.

On the trail with Trump

"During the primary, when he was down in South Carolina... we spoke at a couple of rallies in South Carolina," Diamond said.

"And then we went onto Georgia, we spoke there. And then we flew to Vegas -- and you know, he won there too."

'Silk girl turn on your TV'

Right off the bat, the sisters say they were drawn to the Trump campaign. 

"Well you know he announced he was running for president, and you know I was watching on TV," Diamond explained. "And I called Silk. I said 'Silk girl turn on your TV, Donald Trump is announcing he is running for president.'"

"And then she called me back halfway through, and she said 'Girl, this is going to be the next president of the United States.'"

'Whatever her name is'

The viral success of Diamond and Silk did not start immediately. It was not until after the sisters made a video going after Megyn Kelly for her treatment of Trump in the first primary debate that the sisters starting getting noticed.

"Why did it grow? Well the first debate. When they did the first debate, Megyn Kelly -- or Kelly Megyn, whatever her name is -- that video went viral," Diamond said.

"All these people heard it and that video went viral. Then every time there was a debate we had to speak about the debate." 

After going viral, the sisters provide running commentary on the presidential campaign.

Diamond and Silk facts:

  • Diamond and Silk have amassed more than 10 million YouTube views.
  • Their real names are Lynette "Diamond" Hardaway and Rochelle "Silk" Richardson.
  • They are biological sisters.
  • Both changed their party registration so they could vote for Trump in the North Carolina Primary.
  • They make a living making videos supporting Donald Trump.

Reasons for their support

The sisters say they like Trump's direct approach -- straight talk is a style they use for their own videos.

"The fact that he wants to secure the border. Don't you secure your house? Ain't that White House secure? Then why isn't America's house secure?" Diamond said.

"And then he wants to bring back spirit. That means he wants to unite this country -- black, white, Latinos, Hispanics. That's what we love about him."

Role Models | Hillary Clinton

WATCH  | Diamond and Silk rose to fame by promoting Donald Trump and attacking his primary opponents and the media.

But their real venom is saved for Hillary Clinton. We showed them a Clinton produced anti-Trump ad -- and let's just say they didn't hold back.

'Go home Hillary, go home'

"I think that she is promoting and stroking racism and fear. And it is so sad, that she is trying to put that in the mind of young children," Diamond said.

"That's what so sad, is that she is trying to attach children to that foolishness. She is not the slave master, she don't own people, she don't own black people, she don't own the black vote, she don't own these children.

"And you know what? As sick as she is, it is time for her to go somewhere and sit down. Go home, go home Hillary, go home."

The National Fraternal Order of Police endorsed Donald Trump for president

WATCH  | For the news you need, check out our 60 Second Circa.

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