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Clinton is deploying Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to help her win Ohio


Clinton is deploying Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to help her win Ohio

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Just one day after two polls showed Donald Trump with a 5-point lead in the crucial swing state of Ohio, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton announced she's deploying two of her most high-profile surrogates to the state.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) will campaign for Clinton in Ohio this weekend, according to a statement from her campaign. The two progressive senators -- both popular among younger voters -- will tailor their events to millennial audiences, focusing on Clinton's debt-free college and climate change plans, among other things.

Poll showed Clinton slipping with younger voters

The announcement comes one day after a CNN poll  showed younger voters in Ohio not lining up behind Clinton as solidly as they did for President Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012.

The poll showed young voters "less likely than older voters to make it through a likely voter screen at this point in the campaign, suggesting they are less enthusiastic about voting in this election," according to CNN.

Here's one of the statements from Clinton's campaign.

Warren and Sanders will hold a combined 5 events across the state.

Ohio extremely important to win

Ohio is an extremely important -- if not the most important -- state for a  candidate to win in a presidential election. 

That's because whoever wins Ohio usually wins the White House. Since 1896, the state's voters have been correct 92.9 percent  of the time. 

Kyle Kondik, managing editor of the political forecasting newsletter Sabato's Crystal Ball, recently told Circa that if Clinton can secure Ohio, it's almost certain she'll win the presidency.

Clinton 'in good shape' if she wins Ohio

"If Clinton wins Ohio, she's in good shape," Kondik said.

 In an interview on Thursday, Kondik said that voter turnout from colleges and universities in Ohio would be "crucial" for Clinton to win the state, and that Warren and Sanders were good choices for appealing to that demographic. Warren is scheduled to appear in Columbus and Cleveland this weekend -- two college towns -- while Sanders is scheduled to appear in Canton, Kent, and Akron.

'The candidate on the ballot is Clinton'

"I think for a segment of Ohio, [Sanders and Warren] are good surrogates for Clinton, particularly for liberals and for people in college towns," Kondik said. "For blue collar areas, [Vice President Joe Biden] might be a more effective messenger."

Ultimately, however, Kondik said Clinton's surrogates can't do all the work for her.

"The candidates on the ballot is Clinton, " he said, "and you know, she's going to have to be the one who wins these votes over."

Clinton correct to intensify efforts 

Kondik said based on the two polls from Wednesday, Clinton was smart to intensify her campaigning in Ohio -- because things are looking up for Trump.

"It was pretty jarring yesterday, two pretty high-end pollsters showing Trump up in five points in Ohio," he said. "It's a pretty unusually unstable race right now, and Trump's prospects look about as bright as they have looked."

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