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George Clooney promotes "Money Monster" at the Cannes Film Festival in France on May 12, 2016. Photo credit: WENN.com.

George Clooney's greatest Hollywood pranks: Part 1


George Clooney's greatest Hollywood pranks: Part 1

One A-list prankster seems to get the best of everyone else in Hollywood: George Clooney.

For the first chapter in a three-part series, Circa investigates the Academy Award winner's greatest goofs on his celebrity pals from 1980 to 2000.

In the '80s, Clooney's "Mr. Face" bit benefitted from delays in developing camera film.

In that decade, the actor accessorized his genitals with sunglasses and a cigarette to make them look like a face, then secretly borrowed friends' cameras to take pictures of the R-rated character Clooney called "Mr. Face."

The prankster told Esquire that Pat Boone was one of several stars, and perhaps the last, to meet Mr. Face after the photos were developed in or around 1988. The legendary crooner would have been 53 or 54 at that time. "He actually had a good sense of humor about it," Clooney told the magazine 20 years later.

In the early '90s, when Clooney was divorcing his ex-wife Talia Balsam, he found some levity in living with "Curb Your Enthusiasm" star Richard Kind. Clooney recalled the prank as a 1996 guest on Dennis Miller's HBO talk show, where he did not identify Kind by name. Clooney said that, after he'd cleaned the litter box of Kind's cat without the owner knowing, Kind declared, "My cat has not taken a s**t in, I think, three days."

After Kind took the cat to the vet, Clooney punctuated his punch line. "I took a s**t in the cat box," he told Miller with a laugh. 

George Clooney Tells "The Cat Box Story" on Dennis Miller Live

"I wait for him to come home. He comes in, grabs the paper, goes to the bathroom. I'm watchin' 'Jeopardy!' And of a sudden, you hear, 'Oh, my God! Kitty!'"

Miller channeled his inner "Jeopardy!" contestant: "I'll take 'I Can't Believe That Came Out of You' for $20, Alex."

In 1994, Clooney wrote one letter that tweaked both Noah Wyle and Steven Spielberg.

That year, the "ER" cast heard that one of the show's producers, director Steven Spielberg, had bought Mazda Miatas as gifts for the cast of Spielberg's 1989 movie, "Always."

So the TV actors were a bit taken aback when the holiday season rolled around and they received cellphones. When the cast realized they wouldn't be untying giant red bows on sports cars, Clooney led Wyle to believe they'd send sarcastic thank-you notes reading, "Dear Steven, thank you for the Miata," crossing out "Miata" and replacing it with "cellphone."

Noah Wyle's Failed Prank On Steven Spielberg

In a 2013 interview with Conan O'Brien, Wyle told O'Brien, "I wrote that letter, and that was the last Christmas present I ever got from Steven Spielberg." When an amused O'Brien asked if Clooney wrote one too, Wyle countered, "I don't believe he did."

How would you handle a George Clooney prank?

And now time for a little honesty: If George Clooney defecated in your cat's litter box, what would you do? Is it somehow funnier because he's an A-lister? Or is celebrity poop just, y'know, poop?

Let us know by voting in Circa's poll.

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