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Ivanka calls the Trump campaign's child care policy and tax savings plan 'revolutionary'


Ivanka calls the Trump campaign's child care policy and tax savings plan 'revolutionary'

WATCH  | Ivanka Trump says making child care more accessible is something every American can understand, regardless of party affiliation. And she calls the new proposals advanced by her and her father, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, "revolutionary" for all parents.

More progressive than Republican?

When asked if the idea seemed more progressive than Republican, she said: "Nobody could argue with the fact that equal pay for equal work is essential in America.

"Yet sadly, gender is no longer the greater predictor of wage inequality, motherhood is. So we need to resolve this issue and we feel that this plan does."

Ivanka Trump spoke with Circa from her father's Trump Tower in New York City, where she prepared to depart for her father's rally in Pennsylvania. 

Burden to working families

Current child care policies are failing American families when it comes to their children and the overall contributions of women in the workforce, Ivanka Trump said.

She added that the high cost of child care burdens working families and the tax codes actually work against women who want to go back to work after taking time off to start a family.

'Passionate' advocacy for mothers

She argued that despite a growing proportion of women entering the U.S. labor force in the past 40 years, little has been done to address the needs of the family.

"Advocating for women who are disproportionately affected by the problems in our current child care system, and the lack of support that they're receiving, is something that I feel passionate about and have been my entire professional career," she told Circa.

My father is very unique in that he's employed thousands of women at every level in his company for decades.
Ivanka Trump

"My father is very unique in that he's employed thousands of women at every level in his company for decades.

"So he really understands the needs of the modern workforce and knows the problems that he wanted to tackle and wanted to address," she said.

Plan addresses stay-at-home moms

She said federal policies regarding child and dependent care do not reflect either the needs of working women or stay-at-home mothers. The current tax code often works against women who want to re-enter the workforce, she says.

Ivanka Trump said the plan forwarded by her father's campaign will empower families and working women, including those who choose to stay at home.

We're effectively going to make child care tax deductible, that is so important... because in reality, it is an expense of doing business.
Ivanka Trump

Wealthy Americans not included

She said the wealthiest Americans will not be included "because it's really intended for lower- and middle-income families" to ensure that U.S. industry is "creating a dynamic workplace and creating competition to present new care solutions."

Creating so-called dependent care savings accounts, similar to health care savings accounts, will allow people to use tax savings "for care relating to child care or dependent care, for those who are caring for elderly dependents."

Catching up to the rest of the world

A major element of the child care policy is the creation of a six-week paid maternity leave.

"The Trump plan will offer six weeks of paid leave, which is long overdue," she said.

"We're the only industrialized country in the world that doesn't require that and we're going to do it without increasing taxes by reforming the existing unemployment insurance." 

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