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Creepy clowns are (still) popping up everywhere. Here's what we know.


(UPDATE: 10/4/16) A Connecticut school district has banned clown costumes after Instagram posts with photos of clowns alongside threatening captions have surfaced.

"At this time there is no indication this incident poses any real or substantial threat to New Haven Public Schools or Students. We do however take these incidents very seriously," New Haven Public Schools wrote in a statement.

The <b>newhavenclown</b> account has posted four photos, each with a cryptic warning. 

Here's the first newhavenclown post.

One post seemed like a direct threat.

Another seemed to extend a warning to other areas.

Another listed more nearby schools.

(UPDATE: 10/3/16) Creepy clowns have now made their way to Nampa, Idaho. Across the country, authorities have warned about an uptick in "creepy clown sightings." 

The Nampa Police department posted on Facebook Saturday night saying officers were "aware of the Facebook posts about clowns causing problems in Nampa," and were taking precautions. Officers say that Saturday night's reports didn't amount to anything and that everyone was safe, but warned people to stop looking for these clowns as it has caused additional problems. 

"On most occasions, by the time we got out there, nobody was there," said Nampa police Sergeant Rob Wiggins. "There were a couple of juveniles running around with face masks and balloons. We went and talked to them, sent them home."

Although there was no danger, police say it's important to be able to distinguish between danger and innocent fun; especially around this time of year. 

"With Halloween coming up this is something that's probably going to happen on a regular basis, people basically feeding the fire, dressing up as clowns," Wiggins said.

Police say if you see a person dressed as a clown holding a weapon or committing a crime, call police. Otherwise, officers say they won't be able to respond to every anticipated sighting.

(UPDATE: 9/26/16 7:45 PM EST) Scary clowns have now been sighted in Upstate New York and Long Island, NY. Two people have filed reports of clowns lurking around Clifton Park, a suburban town outside of Albany. Police issued a "school lock out'" after there were reports in Suffolk County, Long Island. 

There were 4 separate incidents reported in Indian River County Florida since Wednesday. A woman called 911 to say a creepy clown followed her as she walked her dog Wednesday. The woman said the clown came from out behind a tree 25 yards away. She ran home and lost sight of it.

A father called 911 on Thursday to say a person wearing a clown mask followed his child and other children as they got off a school bus in the Vero Lake Estates area.

The same night dispatchers took a call  about a report of a clown sighting on Oslo Road. The kids rode off on their bikes and lost sight of the clown, according to the Sheriff's Office.

The Indian River County Sheriff's Office said it's taking the clown situation seriously. Residents should call 911 to report any suspicious activity.

(UPDATE: 9/26/16 1:35 PM EST) Apparently, Tennesseans need to be on high alert for clowns. A warning was given by the Tennessee Department of Safety and the Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) on Saturday.

Several recent clown sightings have left many communities in the Southeast in fear. Now Tennessee can be added to the list of states that are fearful of potential clown sightings.

Anyone who spots a suspicious clown is asked to call 911 or *847 for THP. The Tennessee Department of Safety is monitoring this situation..

It is unclear at this time what specifically led to the warning in Tennessee.

(UPDATE: 9/16/16 7:35 PM EST) Deputies have made arrests in what's being called the "Flomo Klown" case in Alabama. A 20-year-old man and three juveniles were busted for making "terroristic threats" on Facebook that caused at least one school to be put on lockdown briefly. Multiple law enforcement agencies and the FBI got involved with what one deputy called a "bizarre incident."


Disturbing clown sightings have now spread to Alabama.

A scary threat from a group called "Flomo Klowns" caused a lockdown at several Alabama schools this morning. The lockdown was soon lifted.

The Flomo Klowns Facebook page said that they are from Flomaton, Ala. and contained statements such as "I kill people for a living" and "It's going down tonight". 

The Facebook page featured scary clowns with graphic images and videos. The Flomo Klowns account was later disabled.

Situation taken 'very seriously'

The situation was taken "very seriously," said Mike Lambert, chief deputy with the Escambia County Sheriff's Office.

<b>Earlier this week</b>, police in Macon, Georgia, responded to numerous calls about clowns appearing near a school bus stop. Both kids and adults reported that the clowns chased after them. The clowns ran off before deputies arrived.

There were also separate reports filed in Dublin and Lagrange Georgia. 

It's not clear whether the recent incidents are related. 

Last Friday, Winston-Salem, N.C. resident <b>David Armstrong</b> was charged with filing a false police report when he claimed that a clown was knocking on his window before fleeing into the woods.

Armstrong said he chased the clown away, but later allegedly confessed to fabricating the story. 

The week prior, two children reported seeing a person dressed as a clown trying to lure kids into the woods with treats. Winston-Salem Police say they found no evidence of a clown.

In August, someone dressed as a clown in South Carolina tried to lure kids into the woods.

The investigation into these incidents continue.

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