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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a news conference at Trump National Doral, Wednesday, July 27, 2016, in Tampa, Fla. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Did Donald Trump just flip-flop on his key issue of immigration? Follow the tweets


The Republican presidential nominee has made his hard line on undocumented aliens a central part of his campaign. In the past, he's vowed to forcibly deport an estimated 11 million people who may have entered the United States illegally.

He's also been pretty clear about the whole "build a wall" thing.

But at a town hall event hosted by his Fox News ally Sean Hannity last night, Trump outlined a new strategy: deport the "bad" immigrants, but find a way to allow others to stay in the United States.

Trump Flip Flops on Immigration, Then Asks Hannity’s Advice ‘I Mean I Don’t Know, You Tell Me’

Watch the clip of him polling the crowd on "Hannity."

Still deporting the 'bad ones'

Trump didn't call it amnesty, but a lot of his fans are more than a little concerned that he's beginning to sound a lot more like some of the GOP primary opponents Trump bashed for being "soft" on illegal immigration.

Mainly, Trump says he wants to "follow the law" to deport "the bad ones" -- what exactly that means and what will happen to the "good ones" is unclear at the moment. 

The famous pop singer was wondering why.

John Hardwood on Trump's "Hannity" performance.

Trump campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson.

Here's a sampling of the times Trump criticized opponents' immigration stances.

There's a lot of them, but many of their plans resemble Trump's.

He didn't just pin it on Marco Rubio.

Even when opponents got closer to his view, he said it was all a voting ploy. 

Some have pointed out his plan looks a lot like the Obama administration's strategy now.

Trump has taken some heat for this from his strongest supporters. 

For reference, Ann Coulter released a book earlier this week called "In Trump We Trust."

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